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1 ) Be respectful and considerate to others. That's the one rule we've had for quite some time, but events have shown us that more specific rules need to be written and enforced. These rules, at their most basic, simply reflect this one.

2 ) No excessive swearing. The swear filter included with chatroll is limited and thus can only block out a few words. For those words that are blocked by the filter, trying to bypass the filter will not be tolerated.

3 ) Keep all discussions community friendly - no discussions of a sexual nature will be allowed.

4 ) No insulting of nationality, faith, or ethnicity will be permitted. Such insults will result in an immediate and permanent ban from the chatroom.

5 ) Use of excessive caps lock is not permitted. It equates to shouting and will not be tolerated.

6 ) Posting multiple times in a row saying the same thing is considered spam and will be deleted.

7 ) It is not encouraged to join the chatroom only to post gameplay questions which may distract from the discussions of those already chatting. If you have questions about the game, it is preferred that you use the forums. However, if you have a quick question that you don't think warrants a new forum post, asking it in the chatroom is fine.

8 ) Posting links to a company or organization in order to promote them is considered spam. Multiple violations will result in a permanent ban from XS Nation.

9 ) Please don't promote city journals or mods in the chatroom. Telling people you have released a new city journal or mod is fine, but do not post links to the page multiple times and ask for people to visit it.

10 ) Personal disputes between members are never fun to watch. Fighting will not be tolerated and will result in a chatroom ban for both parties, regardless of who started it. If a member is harassing you, report their behavior to a moderator - don't make yourself look bad by getting further into the dispute.

Multiple violations of any of these rules will result in a ban, the length to be determined by the moderator.