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  1. Entertainment Life by Ella (2022)

    Title: Life by Ella
    Genre: Family,Drama,Comedy
    Creator: Jeff Hodsden,Tim Pollock
    First aired: Aug 31, 2022
    Last air date: Aug 31, 2022
    Show status: Returning Series
    Overview: After a life-changing experience, 13-year-old Ella is eager to seize the day. As she learns to appreciate each moment, she faces the fears that once defined her—and encourages others to do the same.
  2. Entertainment Curses! (2023)

    Title: Curses!
    Genre: Animation,Kids,Action & Adventure,Sci-Fi & Fantasy,Family
    Creator: Jim Cooper,Jeff Dixon
    First aired: Oct 25, 2023
    Last air date: Oct 25, 2023
    Show status: Returning Series
    Overview: The Vanderhouvens are a typical family…except a curse recently turned Alex—their loving husband and father—to stone. In order to save him, his wife and kids set out on spine-tingling adventures to return ancient artifacts stolen by an ancestor.
  3. Entertainment Jane (2023)

    Title: Jane
    Genre: Kids,Family
    Creator: J.J. Johnson
    First aired: Apr 12, 2023
    Last air date: Apr 17, 2024
    Show status: Returning Series
    Overview: Budding environmentalist Jane is a 9-year-old on a quest to save endangered animals. Using her powerful imagination, Jane takes her best friends David and Greybeard the chimpanzee on epic adventures to help protect wild animals all around the world.
  4. Entertainment Surfside Girls (2022)

    Title: Surfside Girls
    Genre: Family,Mystery
    Creator: Alex Diaz,May Chan,Julie Sagalowsky Diaz
    First aired: Aug 17, 2022
    Last air date: Aug 17, 2022
    Show status: Returning Series
    Overview: Quick wits lead to daring discoveries for beachside besties Sam and Jade as they sleuth out supernatural mysteries in their sleepy hometown of Surfside. Based on the best-selling young adult graphic novels.
  5. Entertainment Luck (2022)

    Title: Luck
    Tagline: Sometimes all you need is for everything to go wrong.
    Genre: Animation,Adventure,Comedy,Fantasy
    Director: Peggy Holmes
    Runtime: 105
    Status: Released
    Release: 2022-08-05
  6. Entertainment Best Foot Forward (2022)

    Title: Best Foot Forward
    Genre: Family,Comedy,Drama
    Creator: Matt Fleckenstein
    First aired: Jul 20, 2022
    Last air date: Jul 20, 2022
    Show status: Returning Series
    Overview: Josh Dubin is thrilled to switch from homeschool to public school, and being the only kid with a prosthetic leg is a challenge he’s ready to face. As he carves out a place among his peers, his friends and family are with him every step of the way.