1. Entertainment Cancel Christmas (2011)

    Title: Cancel Christmas
    Genre: Family,Fantasy,TV Movie
    Director: John Bradshaw
    Runtime: 87
    Status: Released
    Release: 2011-11-13
  2. Entertainment The Canterville Ghost (2023)

    Title: The Canterville Ghost
    Tagline: It's his house, not yours.
    Genre: Animation,Comedy,Family,Fantasy
    Director: Kim Burdon
    Runtime: 89
    Status: Released
    Release: 2023-09-22
  3. Entertainment Moana (2025)

    Title: Moana
    Genre: Adventure,Comedy,Family,Fantasy
    Director: Thomas Kail
    Status: Planned
    Release: 2025-06-26
  4. Entertainment The Jungle Book 2 (2026)

    Title: The Jungle Book 2
    Genre: Adventure,Family,Drama,Fantasy
    Director: Jon Favreau
    Status: Planned
    Release: 2026-07-10
  5. Entertainment Monster High 2 (2023)

    Title: Monster High 2
    Genre: Family,Fantasy,Science Fiction,TV Movie
    Director: Todd Holland
    Runtime: 94
    Status: Released
    Release: 2023-10-05
  6. Entertainment You Lucky Dog (1998)

    Title: You Lucky Dog
    Genre: TV Movie,Comedy,Family,Fantasy
    Director: Paul Schneider
    Runtime: 88
    Status: Released
    Release: 1998-06-27
  7. Entertainment Peter Pan & Wendy (2023)

    Title: Peter Pan & Wendy
    Tagline: Escape to Neverland.
    Genre: Family,Fantasy,Action,Adventure
    Director: David Lowery
    Runtime: 106
    Status: Released
    Release: 2023-04-20
  8. Entertainment Mamaboy (2016)

    Title: Mamaboy
    Tagline: High school just got weirder.
    Genre: Comedy,Drama,Family,Fantasy,Romance,Science Fiction
    Director: Aaron Leong
    Runtime: 124
    Status: Released
    Release: 2016-09-03
  9. Entertainment Untitled Ghostbusters: Afterlife Sequel (2023)

    Title: Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire
    Tagline: It'll send a chill down your spine.
    Genre: Fantasy,Adventure,Comedy
    Director: Gil Kenan
    Status: Post Production
    Release: 2024-03-28
  10. Entertainment We Have a Ghost (2023)

    Title: We Have a Ghost
    Tagline: Set your spirit free.
    Genre: Comedy,Fantasy,Family,Adventure,Horror
    Director: Christopher Landon
    Runtime: 127
    Status: Released
    Release: 2023-02-24
  11. Entertainment The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023)

    Title: The Super Mario Bros. Movie
    Tagline: Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear overalls.
    Genre: Animation,Family,Adventure,Fantasy,Comedy
    Director: Michael Jelenic,Aaron Horvath
    Runtime: 93
    Status: Released
    Release: 2023-04-05
  12. Entertainment Luigi's Mansion: A Nintendo Fan Film (2023)

    Title: Luigi's Mansion
    Tagline: Mario... Where Are You?
    Genre: Adventure,Fantasy,Family,Action
    Director: JT Wight
    Runtime: 60
    Status: In Production
    Release: 2023-05-01
  13. Entertainment Elemental (2023)

    Title: Elemental
    Tagline: Opposites react.
    Genre: Animation,Comedy,Family,Fantasy,Romance
    Director: Peter Sohn
    Runtime: 102
    Status: Released
    Release: 2023-06-14
  14. Entertainment The Tiger's Apprentice (2024)

    Title: The Tiger's Apprentice
    Genre: Action,Animation,Adventure,Family,Fantasy
    Director: Raman Hui
    Status: In Production
  15. Entertainment Wonka (2023)

    Title: Wonka
    Tagline: Every good thing in this world started with a dream.
    Genre: Comedy,Family,Fantasy
    Director: Paul King
    Runtime: 117
    Status: Released
    Release: 2023-12-06
  16. Entertainment Wish (2023)

    Title: Wish
    Tagline: Be careful what you wish for.
    Genre: Animation,Family,Fantasy,Adventure
    Director: Chris Buck,Fawn Veerasunthorn
    Runtime: 95
    Status: Released
    Release: 2023-11-13
  17. Entertainment Trolls Band Together (2023)

    Title: Trolls Band Together
    Tagline: There are some new trolls on the block.
    Genre: Animation,Family,Music,Fantasy,Comedy
    Director: Walt Dohrn
    Runtime: 92
    Status: Released
    Release: 2023-10-12
  18. Entertainment Snow White (2024)

    Title: Disney's Snow White
    Genre: Family,Fantasy
    Director: Marc Webb
    Status: In Production
    Release: 2025-03-20
  19. Entertainment Untitled The Smurfs Musical (2025)

    Title: The Smurf Movie
    Genre: Animation,Family,Fantasy
    Director: Chris Miller
    Status: In Production
    Release: 2025-02-12
  20. Entertainment Bunyan and Babe (2017)

    Title: Bunyan and Babe
    Tagline: You don't have to BE BIG to do BIG THINGS.
    Genre: Adventure,Animation,Comedy,Family,Fantasy
    Director: Louis Ross
    Runtime: 84
    Status: Released
    Release: 2017-01-12