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  1. How to found your purchased | CountriesXL

    How to found your purchased | CountriesXL


    Announcment Dropdown menu has been restored from xenforo 1.x

    Hi everyone since xenforo 2.x came out with many new features and improvements. The newer version of xenforo 2.x doesn’t come with dropdown menu was removed and replaced with list chooser in newer version of xenforo 2.x. So that’s why I have hired a developer from to...

    Announcment Recently Used Devices is now available to all registered members

    Past few years I am notice there are lots of scammers taking advantage of users data including email, files on others xenforo websites. So I am very pleased to announce there is a new security feature is now available to all registered members. You will be able to view devices, remote logout...

    Announcment XFRM Wishlist Feature is now available to all registered members

    Few weeks ago I have hired a developer to work on the new addon that’s users can enjoy there new features including if you have a favorites mod in the resources section. To use the wishlist feature just go one of the resources overview and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click...

    Announcment Steam Improvement with new features and changes

    Today I have gotten the developer to update the addon with new features and improvements to the steam addon with steam filters in steam games tab and Steam workshop tab. Here some screenshots you would like to see Steam Filters:

    Announcment Update Log

    New Feature: connect your account using Google Account improvements on forum and media gallery Know Issues: Won’t connect using Microsoft Account
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