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  1. TylerAustin

    Suggestion Search Results And Tag Results Improvement

    Please improve the search results and tag results by adding search tabs, search box info: Search bar and filters on search result pages! https://xenforo.com/community/threads/search-bar-and-filters-on-search-result-pages.184291/
  2. TylerAustin

    Suggestion City Export and Import Program For Cities XXL

    I was thinking of sharing my city that’s I have developed for few months. Unfortunately there are no tools that’s will export and import your cities When using cities xxl. That’s why I suggested a new programs that’s export and import cities with including getting mods and maps list export as...
  3. TylerAustin

    Suggestion Support Countries XL API Mod

    I would like to see cities-mods.com integration with cities xxl that’s users can sign in, downloading mods and able to share mods within the game.
  4. TylerAustin

    Suggestion Tutorial creator tool

    I would like to see a tool that’s let’s users create tutorials for city building games Including SC4PDF and CXLPDF file type for viewer tutorial. Key feature will had to be including countries xl api, creators will be able to share the tutorial to iBook and CountriesXL, able to view SC4PDF and...
  5. TylerAustin

    Suggestion XLN User Interface Mod for Cities XXL with extra options.

    Hey guys I don't wanna **** the forum **** with User Mod Requests but there is something I think it's really necessary to maintain Cities XXL popularity. I am a user with a hiatus over 4 years and it had some reasons. My main reason behind my long hiatus is that I've found out that Cities XXL...