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Entertainment Cats & Dogs (2001)

Cats & Dogs (2001)
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Title: Cats & Dogs (2001)

Tagline: Things Are Gonna Get Hairy!

Genre: Family, Comedy

Director: Lawrence Guterman

Cast: Jeff Goldblum, Elizabeth Perkins, Alexander Pollock, Miriam Margolyes, Tobey Maguire, Alec Baldwin, Sean Hayes, Susan Sarandon, Joe Pantoliano, Michael Clarke Duncan, Jon Lovitz, Charlton Heston, Glenn Ficarra, Billy West, John Michael Higgins, Richard Steven Horvitz, Frank Welker, Frank C. Turner

Release: 2001-07-04

Runtime: 87

Plot: When a professor develops a vaccine that eliminates human allergies to dogs, he unwittingly upsets the fragile balance of power between cats and dogs and touches off an epic battle for pet supremacy. The fur flies as the feline faction, led by Mr. Tinkles, squares off against wide-eyed puppy Lou and his canine cohorts.

Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • Jeff Goldblum

      Professor Brody
    • Elizabeth Perkins

      Mrs. Brody
    • Alexander Pollock

      Scotty Brody
    • Miriam Margolyes

      Sophie the Castle Maid
    • Tobey Maguire

      Lou the Beagle (voice)
    • Alec Baldwin

      Butch (vcoice)
    • Sean Hayes

      Mr. Tinkles (voice)
    • Susan Sarandon

      Ivy (voice)
    • Joe Pantoliano

      Peek (voice)
    • Michael Clarke Duncan

      Sam (voice)
    • Jon Lovitz

      Calico (voice)
    • Charlton Heston

      The Mastiff (voice)
    • Glenn Ficarra

      Russian Blue (voice)
    • Billy West

      Ninja Cat #1 (voice)
    • John Michael Higgins

      Ginger Kitten (voice)
    • Richard Steven Horvitz

      Puppy in Barn (voice)
    • Frank Welker

      Buddy (voice)
    • Frank C. Turner

      The Farmer
    • Kirsten Robek

      Pie Mom (as Kirsten Robek)
    • Mar Andersons

      Guard at Gate
    • Gillian Barber

      Factory Receptionist
    • Carol Ann Susi

      Sophie's Sister
    • Randi Kaplan

      Sophie's Sister
    • Mary Bogue

      Sophie's Sister
    • Alvin Sanders

      Mason Employee
    • Mark Schooley

      Mason Employee
    • Lou Bollo

    • Scott Nicholson

    • Trish Schill

    • Babe Dolan

      Wife Passenger
    • J.J. Makaro (Crew)

      Stunt Coordinator
    • Christopher DeFaria (Production)

    • Rick Finney (Editing)

    • Craig Barron (Visual Effects)

      Visual Effects Supervisor
    • Glenn Ficarra (Writing)

    • John Requa (Writing)

    • John Slattery (Visual Effects)

      Digital Compositor
    • Bob Camp (Writing)

    • John Debney (Sound)

      Original Music Composer
    • Mark A. Mangini (Sound)

      Supervising Dialogue Editor
    • Lawrence Guterman (Directing)

    • Eric Oliver (Visual Effects)

    • Julio Macat (Camera)

      Director of Photography
    • Cats & Dogs - Trailer

      • Trailer
    • Cats & Dogs (2001) Trailer

      • Trailer
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