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Entertainment Cop Dog (2008)

Cop Dog
5.00 star(s)
5.00/5 1 Votes
Title: Cop Dog

Genre: Action, Adventure, Family

Director: John Murlowski

Cast: Alexander Chaplin, Joe Hackett, Scott Haze, Sadie, William Brent

Status: Released

Release: 2008-01-01

Runtime: 128

Plot: Ever since Robby's father was killed while on police duty, Robby has been angry and alone. His father's old partner, a police dog named Marlowe, suffers the same fate. So when Robby sees Marlowe alone and locked up in a cage he begs his mum to let him have him. Instantly, the two are best friends. But, being a cop dog, when Marlowe, sees two familiar criminals in the woods

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Cast Crew

    • Alexander Chaplin

    • Joe Hackett

    • Scott Haze

    • Sadie

    • William Brent

      Robby North (as Billy Unger)
    • John Murlowski (Directing)

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