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Entertainment My Adventures with Santa (2019)

My Adventures with Santa
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Title: My Adventures with Santa

Genre: Family,Fantasy,Adventure

Director: Brian Skiba

Cast: Denise Richards,Patrick Muldoon,Jamie Luner,Barbara Eden,Erick Devine,Gianni Capaldi,David J. Castillo,Rhys Olivia Cote,Aidan Foley,Declan Foley,Jean Louise O'Sullivan,Erik Roccapriore,Noriko Sato,Dante Scalia,Chelsea Vale,Tanner Vale,Taylor Vale,David Gere,Savannah Marshall,Kara Curnane Joseph,Alessandro Molluzzo,Lexi White,Joey Ambrosini,Heriberto Pagan,Sama Fernands,Gary Wolfenden,Josiah Harvey,Danielle Francine

Status: Released

Release: 2019-11-05

Runtime: 92

Plot: Christmas in the Nolan household isn't what it used to be. Instead of a joyous family gathering, they are spending this holiday apart. On a last minute shopping trip with Dad, the family enters an enchanted store only to discover a dazzling snow globe with magical powers. Suddenly the Nolan family is transported through the globe to the North Pole where they are asked to help Santa save Christmas! As they come together to support Santa and the elves, their family love grows stronger and the true meaning of Christmas comes alive.

Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • Denise Richards

    • Patrick Muldoon

    • Jamie Luner

      La Befana
    • Barbara Eden

      Mrs. Claus
    • Erick Devine

      Santa Claus
    • Gianni Capaldi

    • David J. Castillo

      JK Elf
    • Rhys Olivia Cote

    • Aidan Foley

    • Declan Foley

    • Jean Louise O'Sullivan

    • Erik Roccapriore

      Grumpy Elf
    • Noriko Sato

    • Dante Scalia

    • Chelsea Vale

    • Tanner Vale

      Franklin Mint
    • Taylor Vale

    • David Gere

      Customer with Christmas Tree
    • Savannah Marshall

      Photoshot Girl
    • Kara Curnane Joseph

      Elf Action Force
    • Alessandro Molluzzo

      Elf Action Force (as Alesandro Molluzzo)
    • Lexi White

      Singing Elf (uncredited)
    • Joey Ambrosini

      Santa's Elf (uncredited)
    • Heriberto Pagan

      Tighty Tights Elf (uncredited)
    • Sama Fernands

      Surly Elf (uncredited)
    • Gary Wolfenden

      Surly Elf (uncredited)
    • Josiah Harvey

      Santa's Elf (uncredited)
    • Danielle Francine

      Surly Elf (uncredited)
    • James-Tristan Sarnese (Production)

      Art Department Production Assistant
    • Taylor Vale (Production)

      Art Department Production Assistant
    • Lexi White (Crew)

      Actor's Assistant
    • Brittany Toczko (Crew)

      Stand In
    • Matthew Coppola (Writing)

    • Jon Wagner (Art)

      Assistant Art Director
    • Chelsea Vale (Production)

    • Jim Vitale (Art)

      Construction Coordinator
    • Sama Fernands (Costume & Make-Up)

      Costume Assistant
    • Brian Skiba (Writing)

    • Greg Bereski Jr. (Art)

      Property Master
    • Joseph Verrastro (Production)

      Production Consultant
    • Ryan Sweeney (Camera)

      BTS Videographer
    • Paul Luba (Production)

      Art Department Production Assistant
    • A.J. Bernardo (Production)

      Production Assistant
    • David Gere (Crew)

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