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Entertainment Soccer Mom (2008)

Soccer Mom (2008)
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Title: Soccer Mom (2008)

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family

Director: Gregory McClatchy

Cast: Missi Pyle, Emily Osment, Ellery Sprayberry, Dylan Sprayberry, Elon Gold, Robert Cavanah, Cassandra Scerbo, Jennifer Sciole, Kristen Wilson, Master P, Courtney Brown, Clint Culp, Eugene Osment, Karen Masumoto, Emily Bogner, Steve Hytner, Dan Cortese

Release: 2008-09-30

Runtime: 92

Plot: A warm-hearted comedy about a compulsive soccer mom who masquerades as a famous Italian soccer star hired to coach her daughter's floundering soccer team, then struggles frantically to keep her wacky charade going long enough to see the girls win their big tournament.

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Cast Crew

    • Missi Pyle

      Wendy Handler
    • Emily Osment

      Becca Handler
    • Ellery Sprayberry

      Kelci Handler
    • Dylan Sprayberry

      Sammy Handler
    • Elon Gold

      Tony da Silva
    • Robert Cavanah

      Harry Davies
    • Cassandra Scerbo

    • Jennifer Sciole

      Patti Duchamps
    • Kristen Wilson

      Dee Dee
    • Courtney Brown

    • Clint Culp

    • Eugene Osment

    • Karen Masumoto

    • Emily Bogner

    • Steve Hytner

      Coach Kenny
    • Dan Cortese

      Lorenzo Vincenzo
    • Gregory McClatchy (Directing)

    • Frederick Ayeroff (Writing)

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