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Entertainment Summertime Christmas (2010)

Summertime Christmas (2010)
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Title: Summertime Christmas (2010)

Genre: Comedy, Family

Director: Andrew von Ehrenkrook

Cast: Monica Eder, Josh Roy, Savanah Howard

Release: 2010-11-15

Runtime: 110

Plot: While vacationing separately in small-town USA, Elwood and Nora, two of Santa's elves, receive an urgent transmission, initiating a series of events that will change their lives, and the world, forever. With the help of one good little girl, they set out to rid the town out of an economic depression and turn the wayward children back from naughty to nice. As their relationship blossoms, they discover the limits of their magic, the true meaning of Christmas and the joy of helping others.

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Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • Monica Eder

      Nora Elvin
    • Josh Roy

      Elwood Elvin (as Joshua Roy)
    • Savanah Howard

      Jessica Adamson (as Savannah Howard)
    • Andrew von Ehrenkrook (Directing)

    • Maude von Ehrenkrook (Writing)

    • Summertime Christmas - Trailer

      • Trailer
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