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Entertainment The Ultimate Christmas Present (2000)

The Ultimate Christmas Present (2000)
4.00 star(s)
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Title: The Ultimate Christmas Present (2000)

Genre: TV Movie, Family, Comedy

Director: Greg Beeman

Cast: Hallee Hirsh, Spencer Breslin, Hallie Todd, Brenda Song, John Salley, Susan Ruttan, John B. Lowe, Greg Kean, Jason Schombing, Bill Fagerbakke, Peter Scolari, Zahf Paroo, Laara Ong, Daniel Boileau, Tiffany Desrosiers, Jo-Ann Fernandes, Karen Holness, Donna Lysell, Dave McGowan, Brittany Moldowan, Angela Moore, Colin O'Neill, Dale Reynolds, Shylo Sharity

Release: 2000-12-01

Runtime: 85

Plot: A girl steals a weather machine from Santa Claus, to make a snow day. The machine breaks, and causes an out of control snowstorm.

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Cast Crew Videos

    • Hallee Hirsh

      Allie / Allison Rachel Thompson
    • Spencer Breslin

      Joey Thompson
    • Hallie Todd

      Michelle Thompson
    • Brenda Song

      Samantha Elizabeth Kwan
    • John Salley

      Crumpet - the elf
    • Susan Ruttan

      Mrs. Claus
    • John B. Lowe

      Santa Claus
    • Greg Kean

      Steve Thompson
    • Jason Schombing

      Mr. Martino
    • Bill Fagerbakke

      Sparky - the elf
    • Peter Scolari

      Edwin Hadley
    • Zahf Paroo

    • Laara Ong

      Linda Kwan
    • Daniel Boileau

      Horace - the snowmobile driver
    • Tiffany Desrosiers

    • Jo-Ann Fernandes

      Mrs. Lopez
    • Karen Holness

      National Weather Person
    • Donna Lysell

      News Broadcaster
    • Dave McGowan

    • Brittany Moldowan

      Mary Jo
    • Angela Moore

      Mary Jo's Mother
    • Colin O'Neill

      Blake Lynch
    • Dale Reynolds

      News Broadcaster Weather Person
    • Shylo Sharity

    • Hallie Einhorn (Writing)

    • Greg Beeman (Directing)

    • Michael Hitchcock (Writing)

    • The Ultimate Christmas Present

      • Trailer
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