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Entertainment Wizards Beyond Waverly Place

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Wizards Beyond Waverly Place
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Genre: Comedy,Sci-Fi & Fantasy,Family

Show status: In Production

Overview: Justin Russo has chosen to lead a normal, mortal life with his family, Giada, Roman and Milo. But when Justin's sister Alex brings Billie to his home seeking help, Justin realizes he must dust off his magical skills to mentor the wizard-in-training while also juggling his everyday responsibilities — and safeguarding the future of the Wizard World.

Production companies

Cast Crew

    • Selena Gomez

      Total episodes: 1
    • David Henrie

      Total episodes: 1
    • Mimi Gianopulos

      Total episodes: 1
    • Max Matenko

      Total episodes: 1
    • Janice LeAnn Brown

      Total episodes: 1
    • Alkaio Thiele

      Total episodes: 1
    • Taylor Cora

      Total episodes: 1
    • Andy Fickman (Production)

    • Selena Gomez (Production)

    • David Henrie (Production)

    • Jed Elinoff (Writing)

    • Scott Thomas (Writing)

    • Gary Marsh (Production)

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Wizards Beyond Waverly Place
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Air date:

Guest stars: Selena Gomez
After an emergency at WizTech, a young wizard in need of training appears in Justin Russos life, and he must step aside from the normal, human life he created for himself in order to help out the Wizard World.