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Hole XenForo 2.3 and beyond

XenForo 2.3 HYS series will start from...

  • August

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This is our first XenForo 2.3 and beyond thread. Now its time to do the same for XenForo 2.3 as it must be around the corner so all discussions can go here.

2.2 meant to be a feature release than minor enhancement release, many expected new 1st party add-ons (even above linked thread by The @NICK9 has wishes of it). But unfortunately they didn't came. Hopefully 2.3 has a more goodies to provide than 2.2 as.

Core features i wish to see with XenForo 2.3:
So, share what suggestions you wish to be included in this thread...

Guessing game!

When do you expect the first XF 2.3 "Have you seen" thread to be posted (date/month)? Do share below and make sure you vote in the poll above as well.:)