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Entertainment You Lucky Dog (1998)

You Lucky Dog
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Title: You Lucky Dog

Genre: TV Movie,Comedy,Family,Fantasy

Director: Paul Schneider

Cast: Kirk Cameron,Chelsea Noble,John de Lancie,Christine Healy,Taylor Negron,James Avery,Jane Carr,Mary Pat Gleason

Status: Released

Release: 1998-06-27

Runtime: 88

Plot: Jack Morgan is a dog therapist, once famous for being able to read his dog's mind. Although Jack cannot read the minds of other dogs, he still operates a canine mind-reading business, without divulging his inability to customers. Mr. Mooney and his wife bring their dog to see Jack. Dissatisfied with Jack's inability to read his dog's mind, Mr. Mooney, who is a friend of the city mayor, threatens to have his business closed down. After the Mooneys leave, a wealthy man named Clyde Windsor brings his dog, Lucky, to see Jack, who is stunned by his ability to read the dog's mind. He seems worried by this fact and ends the session early. Before Windsor leaves, Jack informs him that Lucky is bothered by three individuals that live with him.

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    • Kirk Cameron

      Jack Morgan
    • Chelsea Noble

      Alison Taylor
    • John de Lancie

      Lyle Windsor
    • Christine Healy

      Margaret Windsor
    • Taylor Negron

      Reuben Windsor
    • James Avery

      Calvin Bridges
    • Jane Carr

    • Mary Pat Gleason

    • Paul Schneider (Directing)

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