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Entertainment A Fairy's Game (2018)

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A Fairy's Game
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Title: A Fairy's Game

Genre: Adventure,Family

Director: Shawn Philip Nelson

Cast: Jerry Bell Jr.,Bruce Davison,Angela DiMarco,Zamira Dotson,Bryce Earhart,Dennis Fitzpatrick,Amir Kamali,Marcy Kent,Ava Kolker,Dan Kyle,Daniel Nelson,Elijah Nelson,Judah Nelson,Micah Nelson,Shiloh Nelson,William Nelson,Kat Paetzhold,Tim Russ

Status: Released

Release: 2018-06-01

Runtime: 111

Plot: Two siblings are whisked away by an intelligent fairy to become part of a real life game they must complete before coming back to the real world.

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Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • Jerry Bell Jr.

      Coach Williams
    • Bruce Davison

      Spindly (voice)
    • Angela DiMarco

    • Zamira Dotson

    • Bryce Earhart

    • Dennis Fitzpatrick

    • Amir Kamali

    • Marcy Kent

      Forrest Dancer
    • Ava Kolker

    • Dan Kyle

      Warrior Faun
    • Daniel Nelson

    • Elijah Nelson

    • Judah Nelson

      Forest King
    • Micah Nelson

    • Shiloh Nelson

    • William Nelson

      Forest Scout
    • Kat Paetzhold

      Wizard Student
    • Tim Russ

      Warlock (voice)
    • Angela DiMarco

    • Jay Lance (Production)

    • Benjamin Rulla (Camera)

    • Andrew Koehler (Camera)

      First Assistant Camera
    • Ethan Burke (Camera)

      First Assistant Camera
    • Israel Arias (Camera)

      Director of Photography
    • Josiah Nelson (Sound)

      Boom Operator
    • Jacob Groat (Sound)

      Sound Recordist
    • Tiffanie Fergusson (Costume & Make-Up)

      Makeup Artist
    • Sara Dickman (Costume & Make-Up)

      Makeup Artist
    • Sarah Nelson Haley (Costume & Make-Up)

      Costume Design
    • Christopher Alley (Camera)

      Director of Photography
    • Jonathon Nelson (Art)

      Production Design
    • John Phillip Nelson (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • Hannah Nelson (Production)

      Associate Producer
    • David Jon Nelson (Production)

    • Elijah Nelson (Writing)

    • Shawn Philip Nelson (Production)

    • Gerardo Garcia Jr. (Sound)

    • Samuel Neff (Camera)

      Second Assistant Camera
    • Rick Santizo (Sound)

      Dialogue Editor
    • Alyssa Roehrenbeck (Production)

      Production Manager
    • Vincent Deng (Sound)

      Foley Artist
    • Michael Malerba (Sound)

      Sound Designer
    • Mary Jon Nelson (Production)

    • Matt Johnson (Sound)

      Sound Recordist
    • Victor Krause (Sound)

      Sound Recordist
    • David Ridder (Camera)

      First Assistant Camera
    • Nick Shaw (Camera)

      Second Assistant Camera
    • Christina Kortum (Costume & Make-Up)

      Makeup Artist
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