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Entertainment A Very KDTV Christmas (2022)

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Title: A Very KDTV Christmas

Genre: Thriller,Comedy,Drama,Family

Director: Ron Kosek

Cast: Danny Allen,Ethan Hillman,Reilly Robichaud,A.J. Brennan,Gavin Ganski,Stanley Ritter,Rochelle Dush,Magnus Bennett,David Pitel,Cole Murphy,Ron Kosek,Finn Harkins,Michael McNeil

Status: Released

Release: 2022-12-22

Runtime: 6

Plot: KDTV puts together a holiday party, but one accident derails it all.

Cast Crew

    • Danny Allen

      Danny Allen
    • Ethan Hillman

      Ethan Hillman
    • Reilly Robichaud

      Reilly Robichaud
    • A.J. Brennan

      Anthony Jack Brennan
    • Gavin Ganski

      Gavin Ganski
    • Stanley Ritter

      Unknown Adult
    • Rochelle Dush

      Rochelle Dush/Therapist
    • Magnus Bennett

      Magnus Bennett
    • David Pitel

      David Pitel
    • Cole Murphy

      Cole Murphy
    • Ron Kosek

      Ron Kosek
    • Finn Harkins

      Pig Pen
    • Michael McNeil

      Michael McNeil
    • Ron Kosek (Sound)

      Sound Director
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