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Entertainment Berend Botje (2021)

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Berend Botje
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Title: Berend Botje

Genre: Family

Director: Mans van den Berg

Cast: Doris Zuijderland,Thomas Acda,Justin Dos Santos,Pjotr Golsteyn,Mattijn Hartemink,Bart Klever,Zomayra Nouwen,Susan Radder,Celina Lima Spencer,Klaas van Kruistum,Carlijn van Ramshorst

Status: Released

Release: 2021-09-29

Runtime: 80

Plot: Berend Botje is a tough girl with a lively imagination. She is the youngest member of the mysterious captain family Botje, which also consists of father Berend and grandfather Berend. The Botjes' adventures are so special that no one believes they really happened. But Berend knows better. When the city falls under the spell of an unusual bird egg, she is convinced that it is a Knoetel Egg, which only opens on a hidden island. She decides to make the daring trip to the island herself. Because nothing is impossible for Berend.

Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • Doris Zuijderland

      Berend Botje
    • Thomas Acda

    • Justin Dos Santos

    • Pjotr Golsteyn

    • Mattijn Hartemink

    • Bart Klever

    • Zomayra Nouwen

    • Susan Radder

    • Celina Lima Spencer

    • Klaas van Kruistum

    • Carlijn van Ramshorst

    • Mans van den Berg (Writing)

    • Derk van den Berg (Writing)

    • Berend Botje | Officiële trailer | 29 september in de bioscoop

      • Trailer
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