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Entertainment Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (2010)

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore
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Title: Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

Tagline: Just like real spies... only furrier.

Genre: Family,Adventure,Comedy,Fantasy,Action,Animation

Director: Brad Peyton

Cast: James Marsden,Nick Nolte,Christina Applegate,Bette Midler,Pascale Hutton,Katt Williams,Neil Patrick Harris,Sean Hayes,Wallace Shawn,Roger Moore,Joe Pantoliano,Michael Clarke Duncan,Chris O'Donnell,Jack McBrayer,Fred Armisen,Kiernan Shipka,Paul Rodríguez,J.K. Simmons,Grey DeLisle,Elizabeth Daily,Phil LaMarr,Michael Beattie,Jeff Bennett,Malcolm Stewart,Dawn Chubai,Keith Dallas,Len Morganti,Betty Phillips,Christopher Lee Parson,Bumper Robinson,Rick D. Wasserman,Roger L. Jackson,Bonnie Cahoon,André Sogliuzzo,Carlos Alazraqui,Grey DeLisle,Ingrid Tesch,Amitai Marmorstein,Robert Hewko,Mark Burgess,Sage Brocklebank

Status: Released

Release: 2010-07-29

Runtime: 82

Plot: The ongoing war between the canine and feline species is put on hold when they join forces to thwart a rogue cat spy with her own sinister plans for conquest.

Production companies

Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • James Marsden

      Diggs (voice)
    • Nick Nolte

      Butch (voice)
    • Christina Applegate

      Catherine (voice)
    • Bette Midler

      Kitty Galore (voice)
    • Pascale Hutton

    • Katt Williams

      Seamus (voice)
    • Neil Patrick Harris

      Lou (voice)
    • Sean Hayes

      Mr. Tinkles (voice)
    • Wallace Shawn

      Calico (voice)
    • Roger Moore

      Tab Lazenby (voice)
    • Joe Pantoliano

      Peek (voice)
    • Michael Clarke Duncan

      Sam (voice)
    • Chris O'Donnell

    • Jack McBrayer

    • Fred Armisen

    • Kiernan Shipka

      Little Girl
    • Paul Rodríguez

      Crazy Carlito (voice)
    • J.K. Simmons

      Gruff K-9 (voice)
    • Elizabeth Daily

      Scrumptious / Patches / Catherine's Niece (voice)
    • Phil LaMarr

      Paws / Cat Spy Analyst (voice)
    • Michael Beattie

      Angus MacDougall (voice)
    • Jeff Bennett

      Duncan MacDougall (voice)
    • Malcolm Stewart

      Captain Flemming
    • Dawn Chubai

    • Keith Dallas

      Coit Tower Guard
    • Len Morganti

      Rex (voice)
    • Betty Phillips

      Cat Lady
    • Bumper Robinson

      Cool Cat / Dog Killa / Cat Spy Analyst / Slim (voice)
    • Christopher L. Parson

      Hep Cat / Cat Spy Analyst (voice)
    • Rick D. Wasserman

      Rocky (voice)
    • Sue Houston Safianoff (Visual Effects)

    • Brad Peyton (Directing)

    • Bruce Berman (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • Q Fortier (Visual Effects)

      Visual Effects
    • Steven Poster (Camera)

      Director of Photography
    • Polly Johnsen (Production)

    • Carol Lavallee (Art)

      Set Decoration
    • Andrew Lazar (Production)

    • Miri Yoon (Production)

    • Andy Hass (Visual Effects)

    • Seung Hoo Ihm (Visual Effects)

    • Julie Rogers (Editing)

    • Tish Monaghan (Costume & Make-Up)

      Costume Design
    • Rusty Smith (Art)

      Production Design
    • Steve Bencich (Writing)

    • Ron J. Friedman (Writing)

    • Jeremy Stewart (Visual Effects)

    • Nate Fredenburg (Art)

      Art Direction
    • Ray McIntyre Jr. (Visual Effects)

      Stereoscopic Supervisor
    • Sandi Tanaka (Art)

      Art Direction
    • Christopher Lennertz (Sound)

      Original Music Composer
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