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Entertainment Chicken Little (2005)

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Chicken Little
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Title: Chicken Little

Tagline: When it comes to saving the world, it helps to be a little chicken.

Genre: Animation,Family,Comedy

Director: Mark Dindal

Cast: Zach Braff,Garry Marshall,Don Knotts,Amy Sedaris,Steve Zahn,Joan Cusack,Patrick Stewart,Fred Willard,Catherine O'Hara,Wallace Shawn,Harry Shearer,Mark Walton,Sean Elmore,Matthew Josten,Evan Dunn,Mark Dindal,Dan Molina,Patrick Warburton,Adam West,Joe Whyte,Kelly Hoover,Will Finn,Dara McGarry,Mark Kennedy,Terri Douglas,Pat Fraley,Scott Menville,Aaron Spann,Nathan Kress,Brittney Lee Harvey,Chris Edgerly,Julianne Buescher,Mona Marshall,Eddie Frierson

Status: Released

Release: 2005-11-04

Runtime: 81

Plot: When the sky really is falling and sanity has flown the coop, who will rise to save the day? Together with his hysterical band of misfit friends, Chicken Little must hatch a plan to save the planet from alien invasion and prove that the world's biggest hero is a little chicken.

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Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • Zach Braff

      Chicken Little (voice)
    • Garry Marshall

      Buck Cluck (voice)
    • Don Knotts

      Mayor Turkey Lurkey (voice)
    • Amy Sedaris

      Foxy Loxy (voice)
    • Steve Zahn

      Runt of the Litter (voice)
    • Joan Cusack

      Abby Mallard (voice)
    • Patrick Stewart

      Mr. Woolensworth (voice)
    • Fred Willard

      Melvin - Alien Dad (voice)
    • Catherine O'Hara

      Tina - Alien Mom (voice)
    • Wallace Shawn

      Principal Fetchit (voice)
    • Harry Shearer

      Dog Announcer (voice)
    • Mark Walton

      Goosey Loosey (voice)
    • Sean Elmore

      Kirby - Alien Kid (voice)
    • Matthew Josten

      Kirby - Alien Kid (voice)
    • Evan Dunn

      Kirby - Alien Kid (voice)
    • Mark Dindal

      Morkubine Porcupine / Coach (voice)
    • Dan Molina

      Fish Out of Water (voice)
    • Patrick Warburton

      Alien Cop (voice)
    • Adam West

      Ace - Hollywood Chicken Little (voice)
    • Joe Whyte

      Rodriguez / Acorn Mascot / Umpire (voice)
    • Kelly Hoover

      Mama Runt (voice)
    • Will Finn

      Hollywood Fish (voice)
    • Dara McGarry

      Hollywood Abby (voice)
    • Mark Kennedy

      Hollywood Runt (voice)
    • Terri Douglas

      Additional Voices (voice)
    • Pat Fraley

      Additional Voices (voice)
    • Scott Menville

      Additional Voices (voice)
    • Aaron Spann

      Additional Voices (voice)
    • Harrison Ford

      Indiana Jones (archive footage) (uncredited)
    • Nathan Kress

      Additional Voices (voice)
    • Dan Read (Visual Effects)

      Visual Development
    • Kevin Geiger (Crew)

      CG Supervisor
    • Terry Moews (Visual Effects)

      Layout Supervisor
    • Allen Blaisdell (Directing)

    • Jin Kim (Visual Effects)

    • Alessandro Jacomini (Visual Effects)

      Visual Development
    • Scott Beattie (Directing)

    • Chris DeLaGuardia (Editing)

      Color Timer
    • Adolph Lusinsky (Visual Effects)

      Visual Development
    • Jim Harrison (Sound)

      Music Editor
    • Eric Powers (Crew)

      Technical Supervisor
    • Daniel Hu (Directing)

    • Brian Kesinger (Directing)

    • Kyle Odermatt (Crew)

      CG Supervisor
    • Mark Anthony Austin (Crew)

      Supervising Animator
    • Sean Eckols (Visual Effects)

      Visual Development
    • Thomas Baker (Directing)

    • Doug Walker (Directing)

    • Kelly McGraw (Visual Effects)

      Visual Development
    • Michelle Lee Robinson (Visual Effects)

      Visual Development
    • Jason Ryan (Crew)

      Supervising Animator
    • Tony Smeed (Crew)

      Supervising Animator
    • Doug Bennett (Crew)

      Supervising Animator
    • Liza Breuninger (Production)

      Production Accountant
    • William Otsuka (Directing)

    • Robert Neuman (Directing)

    • Charles Tappan (Visual Effects)

      Visual Development
    • Kyle Strawitz (Visual Effects)

      Visual Development
    • Matsune Suzuki (Visual Effects)

      Visual Development
    • Jeffrey R. Ranjo (Visual Effects)

      Visual Development
    • Chicken Little

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