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Entertainment Christmas Bells Are Ringing (2018)

Christmas Bells Are Ringing (2018)
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Title: Christmas Bells Are Ringing (2018)

Genre: Family, TV Movie, Comedy, Romance

Director: Pat Williams

Cast: Emilie Ullerup, Josh Kelly, Rebecca Staab, Roz Murray, Hamza Fouad, Teagan Vincze, Mark Humphrey, Cameron McDonald, Samantha Rose, Leana Yu, Brenda Crichlow, Adil Zaidi, Nicole Rockmann, Cadence Compton, Denis Corbett, Yolanda Corbett, Laurie Empey, Trent Pryor, Christian J. Stewart

Release: 2018-12-23

Runtime: 90

Plot: Samantha, a freelance photographer, is returning to Cape Cod for the first time since the death of her mother years earlier. She’s going to celebrate her father’s Christmas Eve wedding but is anxious to revisit past memories. On a deadline for a big Christmas spread that could ignite her career, she enlists the help of her childhood friend, Mike, to show her around. In the time she spends in Cape Cod, she realizes that Christmas is wherever your family is.

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Cast Crew Videos

    • Emilie Ullerup

    • Josh Kelly

    • Rebecca Staab

    • Roz Murray

      Judy Phillips
    • Hamza Fouad

    • Teagan Vincze

    • Mark Humphrey

    • Cameron McDonald

      Cliff Philips
    • Samantha Rose

    • Leana Yu

    • Brenda Crichlow

    • Adil Zaidi

    • Nicole Rockmann

    • Cadence Compton

      5 Year-Old Samantha
    • Denis Corbett

      Wedding Guest Dancing (uncredited)
    • Yolanda Corbett

      Wedding Guest Dancing (uncredited)
    • Laurie Empey

      Skater (uncredited)
    • Trent Pryor

      Guy Selling Xmas Trees (uncredited)
    • Pnenah Goldstein (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • Pat Williams (Directing)

    • Nicole Baxter (Writing)

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