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Entertainment Christmas Time (2017)

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Christmas Time
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Title: Christmas Time

Tagline: His brother can't time travel, except...can he?

Genre: Comedy,Family

Director: Jake Van Wagoner

Cast: Maclain Nelson,Jake Van Wagoner,Clare Niederpruem,James Murray,Adam Johnson,Brad Johnson,Hailey Smith,Lisa Valentine Clark,Chris Clark,Jaden Kenny,Payton Kemp,Domino,Trinity,Trieste Prusso

Status: Released

Release: 2017-12-02

Runtime: 91

Plot: Two estranged brothers try to reconnect at Christmas but there's something that one of them can't get past...the other thinks he's a time traveler.

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Cast Crew

    • Maclain Nelson

      Maclain Bernard
    • Jake Van Wagoner

      Jake Bernard
    • Clare Niederpruem

      Clare Bernard
    • James Murray

      Dr. Murphy
    • Adam Johnson

      Ranger Cal Rosenbaum
    • Brad Johnson

    • Hailey Smith

    • Lisa Valentine Clark

      Ranger Marge Rubenstein
    • Chris Clark

    • Jaden Kenny

      Young Jake
    • Payton Kemp

      Young Maclain
    • Domino

      Ferret #1
    • Trinity

      Ferret #2
    • Trieste Prusso

      Assistant Editor
    • Maclain Nelson (Writing)

    • Jake Van Wagoner (Writing)

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