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Entertainment Despicable Me (2010)

Despicable Me (2010)
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Title: Despicable Me (2010)

Tagline: Superbad. Superdad.

Genre: Animation, Family, Comedy

Director: Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud

Cast: Steve Carell, Jason Segel, Russell Brand, Julie Andrews, Will Arnett, Kristen Wiig, Miranda Cosgrove, Dana Gaier, Elsie Fisher, Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud, Jemaine Clement, Jack McBrayer, Danny McBride, Mindy Kaling, Rob Huebel, Ken Jeong, Ken Daurio, Scott Menville, Holly Dorff, Al Rodrigo, Wendy Hoffman, John Hans Tester, James Kyson, Charles Bright, Katie Leigh, Ranjani Brow, Edie Mirman, Jackie Gonneau, Jakob Roston, Tony Lee, Debi Mae West, Mikaila Baumel

Release: 2010-07-08

Runtime: 95

Plot: Villainous Gru lives up to his reputation as a despicable, deplorable and downright unlikable guy when he hatches a plan to steal the moon from the sky. But he has a tough time staying on task after three orphans land in his care.

Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • Steve Carell

      Gru (voice)
    • Jason Segel

      Vector (voice)
    • Russell Brand

      Dr. Nefario (voice)
    • Julie Andrews

      Gru's Mother (voice)
    • Will Arnett

      Mr. Perkins (voice)
    • Kristen Wiig

      Miss Hattie (voice)
    • Miranda Cosgrove

      Margo (voice)
    • Dana Gaier

      Edith (voice)
    • Elsie Fisher

      Agnes (voice)
    • Pierre Coffin

      Tim / Bob / Mark / Phil / Stuart (voice)
    • Chris Renaud

      Dave (voice)
    • Jemaine Clement

      Jerry (voice)
    • Jack McBrayer

      Carnival Barker / Tourist Dad (voice)
    • Danny McBride

      Fred McDade (voice)
    • Mindy Kaling

      Tourist mom (voice)
    • Rob Huebel

      Anchorman (voice)
    • Ken Daurio

      Egyptian Guard (voice)
    • Ken Jeong

      Talk Show Host (voice)
    • Charles Bright

      Additional Voices (voice)
    • Katie Leigh

      Additional Voices (voice)
    • Ranjani Brow

      Additional Voices (voice)
    • Scott Menville

      Additional Voices (voice)
    • Holly Dorff

      Additional Voices (voice)
    • Edie Mirman

      Additional Voices (voice)
    • Jackie Gonneau

      Additional Voices (voice)
    • Al Rodrigo

      Additional Voices (voice)
    • Wendy Hoffmann

      Additional Voices (voice)
    • Jakob Roston

      Additional Voices (voice)
    • James Kyson

      Additional Voices (voice)
    • John Hans Tester

      Additional Voices (voice)
    • Chris Westlake (Sound)

      Original Music Composer
    • Claire Dodgson (Editing)

      Additional Editing
    • Steven Liu (Editing)

      Additional Editing
    • Julien Soret (Crew)

      Supervising Animator
    • Christine Lagarde (Crew)

    • Mitja Rabar (Visual Effects)

    • Carter Goodrich (Visual Effects)

      Character Designer
    • Franklin Jones III (Sound)

      ADR Editor
    • Lionel Gallat (Visual Effects)

      Animation Director
    • Michael Crouzat (Visual Effects)

      Key Animation
    • Anais Perlot (Visual Effects)

      Animation Manager
    • Laurent de la Chapelle (Visual Effects)

      Animation Supervisor
    • E. Larry Oatfield (Sound)

      Foley Editor
    • Carlos Felipe León Ortiz (Visual Effects)

      Color Designer
    • Jean-François Macé (Visual Effects)

      Visual Effects Technical Director
    • Daniel Callaby (Visual Effects)

    • Lang-Willar Chloe (Visual Effects)

    • Céline Chotard (Visual Effects)

    • Mathilde Fabry (Visual Effects)

    • Audrey Fobis (Visual Effects)

    • Vincent Garcia (Visual Effects)

    • Rodolphe Chabrier (Crew)

    • Guillaume Herent (Visual Effects)

    • Silke Jager (Visual Effects)

    • Francois Laurent (Visual Effects)

    • Mathieu Gérard (Visual Effects)

    • Kathy Nelson (Sound)

      Music Supervisor
    • Robin Joseph (Visual Effects)

      Visual Development
    • Renaud Mégange (Visual Effects)

    • Elena Ortego (Visual Effects)

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