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Entertainment Familjen Knyckertz och Snutjakten (2023)

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Knyckertz & snutjakten
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Title: Knyckertz & snutjakten

Genre: Comedy,Crime,Family

Director: Leif Lindblom

Cast: David Sundin,Nina Zanjani,Axel Adelöw,Claes Malmberg,Vanna Rosenberg,Gunnel Fred,Elisabeth Wernesjö,Paloma Grandin,Johan Hedenberg,Anna Björk,Philomène Grandin,Mira Eklund,Robert Bengtsson

Status: Released

Release: 2023-12-01

Plot: Ture's parents just never listen. Even though he's asked them hundreds of times to stop stealing, it'll take 20,000 volts to get their attention.

Cast Crew

    • David Sundin

      Bove Knyckertz
    • Nina Zanjani

      Fia Knyckertz
    • Axel Adelöw

      Ture Knyckertz
    • Claes Malmberg

      Paul Isman
    • Vanna Rosenberg

      Biskopen Kikki
    • Gunnel Fred

      Stulia Knyckertz
    • Elisabeth Wernesjö

      Byttan Bing Bång
    • Paloma Grandin

      Kriminellen Knyckertz
    • Johan Hedenberg

    • Anna Björk

      Cissi Pincher
    • Philomène Grandin

      Holly Tender
    • Mira Eklund

      Lydia Danielsson
    • Robert Bengtsson

    • Leif Lindblom (Directing)

    • Anders Sparring (Writing)

    • Linus Torell (Production)

    • Frida Wallman (Production)

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