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Entertainment Growing Up Gorman

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Growing Up Gorman
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Title: Growing Up Gorman

Genre: Comedy,Drama

Director: Robin Hays

Cast: Brady Hepner,Emma Kenney,Hannah Cheramy,Makenzie Vega,Madison Wolfe,Jonathan Silverman,Gabriel Bateman,Preston Bailey,Luke Eisner,Charles Vandervaart,Robert Capron,Neel Sethi,Hayden Byerly,Michael Campion,Christian Martyn,Chloe Csengery,Tyree Brown,Amber Frank

Status: Planned

Plot: Derek Gorman thinks he has a simple plan to get popular; to win the battle of the bands competition and Patricia O'Connell's heart. But, sometimes life doesn't go as expected.

Production companies

Cast Crew

    • Brady Hepner

      Derek Gorman
    • Emma Kenney

    • Hannah Cheramy

    • Makenzie Vega

    • Madison Wolfe

    • Jonathan Silverman

    • Gabriel Bateman

    • Preston Bailey

    • Luke Eisner

    • Charles Vandervaart

    • Robert Capron

    • Neel Sethi

    • Hayden Byerly

    • Michael Campion

    • Christian Martyn

    • Chloe Csengery

    • Tyree Brown

    • Amber Frank

    • Danny Sawaf (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • Robin Hays (Directing)

    • Eric Goren (Production)

    • Patricia Goren (Writing)

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