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Entertainment Jungle Beat: The Movie (2020)

Jungle Beat: The Movie (2020)
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Title: Jungle Beat: The Movie (2020)

Tagline: Something funny is happening in the jungle

Genre: Animation

Director: Brent Dawes

Cast: David Menkin, David Rintoul, Gavin Peter, Florrie Wilkinson, Adam Neill, Jason Pennycooke, Robert G. Slade, Emma Lungiswa De Wet

Release: 2020-06-26

Runtime: 84

Plot: The Jungle Beat animals think it’s the best thing ever when an alien arrives in the jungle bringing with him the power of speech. They also surprisingly think it’s the best thing ever when they find out that he’s been sent to conquer them.

Where to watch

Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • David Menkin

      Munki / Rocky (voice)
    • David Rintoul

      Grogon (voice)
    • Gavin Peter

      Tallbert (voice)
    • Florrie Wilkinson

      Baby (voice)
    • Adam Neill

      Ribbert (voice)
    • Jason Pennycooke

      Lead Wildebeest (voice)
    • Robert G. Slade

      Old Wildebeest (voice)
    • Emma Lungiswa De Wet

      Firefly (voice)
    • Ed Kear

      Fneep (voice)
    • Brent Dawes (Directing)

    • Jungle Beat The Movie Official Trailer (2020)

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    • Jungle Beat: The Movie Trailer 🍌 Netflix Futures

      • Trailer
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