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Entertainment Luca (2021)

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Title: Luca

Tagline: Prepare for an unforgettable trip.

Genre: Animation,Comedy,Fantasy,Adventure,Family

Director: Enrico Casarosa

Cast: Jacob Tremblay,Jack Dylan Grazer,Emma Berman,Saverio Raimondo,Maya Rudolph,Marco Barricelli,Jim Gaffigan,Peter Sohn,Lorenzo Crisci,Marina Massironi,Gino La Monica,Sandy Martin,Giacomo Gianniotti,Elisa Gabrielli,Mimi Maynard,Sacha Baron Cohen,Francesca Fanti,Jonathan Nichols,Enrico Casarosa,Jim Pirri,Arturo Sorino

Status: Released

Release: 2021-06-17

Runtime: 95

Plot: Luca and his best friend Alberto experience an unforgettable summer on the Italian Riviera. But all the fun is threatened by a deeply-held secret: they are sea monsters from another world just below the water’s surface.

Production companies

Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • Jacob Tremblay

      Luca Paguro (voice)
    • Jack Dylan Grazer

      Alberto Scorfano (voice)
    • Emma Berman

      Giulia Marcovaldo (voice)
    • Saverio Raimondo

      Ercole Visconti (voice)
    • Maya Rudolph

      Daniela Paguro (voice)
    • Marco Barricelli

      Massimo Marcovaldo (voice)
    • Jim Gaffigan

      Lorenzo Paguro (voice)
    • Peter Sohn

      Ciccio (voice)
    • Lorenzo Crisci

      Guido (voice)
    • Marina Massironi

      Signora Marsigliese (voice)
    • Gino La Monica

      Tomasso (Old Fisherman) (voice)
    • Sandy Martin

      Grandma Paguro (voice)
    • Giacomo Gianniotti

      Giacomo (Young Fisherman) (voice)
    • Elisa Gabrielli

      Concetta Aragosta (voice)
    • Mimi Maynard

      Pinuccia Aragosta (voice)
    • Sacha Baron Cohen

      Uncle Ugo (voice)
    • Francesca Fanti

      Maggiore (Cop) (voice)
    • Jonathan Nichols

      Priest (voice)
    • Enrico Casarosa

      Card Player / Angry Fisherman (voice)
    • Jim Pirri

      Mr. Branzino (voice)
    • Arturo Sorino

      Additional Voices (voice)
    • Seong-Young Kim (Directing)

    • Daniela Strijleva (Art)

      Production Design
    • Jason Hudak (Editing)

    • Kenny Pickett (Sound)

    • Kelly Bonbright (Directing)

      Script Supervisor
    • Jesus Martinez (Editing)

      Dailies Manager
    • Nicole Ridgwell (Visual Effects)

    • David Torres (Visual Effects)

    • Jessica Katz (Editing)

      Editorial Coordinator
    • David Ryu (Visual Effects)

      Visual Effects Supervisor
    • Jennifer Leigh King (Lighting)

      Lighting Artist
    • Brandon Kern (Visual Effects)

    • David Juan Bianchi (Camera)

      Director of Photography
    • Sikand Srinivas (Visual Effects)

    • Aviv Mano (Visual Effects)

    • Amy L. Allen (Costume & Make-Up)

      Set Dressing Artist
    • Tarun Lak (Visual Effects)

    • Daniel A. Rodriguez (Visual Effects)

    • Simon Stephenson (Writing)

    • Catherine Apple (Editing)

    • Kate Hansen-Birnbaum (Production)

      Casting Associate
    • Mike Jones (Writing)

    • Nicolle Castro (Art)

      Storyboard Artist
    • Aaron McGriff (Visual Effects)

    • Bruna Berford (Visual Effects)

      Fix Animator
    • James Reinhart Robertson (Writing)

      Story Artist
    • Paloma Rodriguez (Editing)

      Assistant Editor
    • Rayna Helgens (Directing)

      Script Supervisor
    • Kristian Kobe (Production)

    • JD Ohlerking (Production)

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