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Entertainment Pretty Freekin Scary (2023)

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Pretty Freekin Scary
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Genre: Comedy,Sci-Fi & Fantasy,Kids,Family

Director: Jason Hauser

First aired:

Last air date:

Show status: Canceled

Overview: Fourteen-year-old Frankie Ripp had a perfect life — a great family, an annoying little brother, a popular boyfriend and a BFF she could always count on. However, her life took a surprising turn after an unfortunate incident. After some heated debate in the Underworld with the Grim Reaper herself, Frankie is forced to navigate life with her new Underworld guardians, Pretty and Scary, in the most challenging setting of all … middle school. Pretty freekin scary, huh?

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    • Emma Shannon

      Total episodes: 20
    • Leah Mei Gold

      Total episodes: 20
    • Eliana Su'a

      Total episodes: 20
    • Yonas Kibreab

      Total episodes: 20
    • Kyan Samuels

      Total episodes: 20
    • Jackson Dollinger

      Total episodes: 3
    • Lisa Arch

      Total episodes: 2
    • Finn Carr

      Total episodes: 1
    • Jessica Kaminsky (Production)

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Pretty Freekin Scary
The Power of Life
Season: 1
Episode: 8
Air date: 2023-07-07

As Frankie's powers get stronger, she enlists Remy to learn how to control them. Pretty and Scary investigate a new escape room that suspiciously looks like the real Underworld.

Pretty Freekin Scary
That Sleepover Life
Season: 1
Episode: 11
Air date: 2023-07-21

Nyx's never been to a sleepover and Frankie wants to fix that. Mr. Ripp takes the boys on a camping trip. Pretty serves as Scary's wingman when he discovers she has a crush.