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Entertainment Pure Magic (2023)

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Pure Magic
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Title: Pure Magic

Genre: Romance

Director: Patrika Darbo

Cast: Sydney Basler,Michael Campion,Yomary Cruz,Jay Disney,Gavin Epstein,Kim Estes,Jared Kozak,John W. Lawson,Kate Linder,Elizabeth Small,Noah Sunday-Lefkowitz,Miles Tagtmeyer,Caley Versfelt

Status: Released

Release: 2023-04-06

Runtime: 6

Plot: Through the magic of music, an aging man with Alzheimer's remembers romantic moments of his long marriage with his wife.

Production companies

Cast Crew

    • Sydney Basler

      Child One
    • Michael Campion

      Street Magician
    • Yomary Cruz

      Taylor's Mom
    • Jay Disney

      Dreamer Support
    • Gavin Epstein

      Child Two
    • Kim Estes

      Boulder Move
    • Jared Kozak

      Dancing Man
    • John W. Lawson

      Taylor's Dad
    • Kate Linder

      No Boulder
    • Elizabeth Small

      Young Woman
    • Noah Sunday-Lefkowitz

    • Miles Tagtmeyer

      Dream Chaser
    • Caley Versfelt

      Dancing Woman
    • Patrika Darbo (Directing)

    • Mickey Fisher (Writing)

    • John W. Lawson (Writing)

    • Melissa Axel (Writing)

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