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Entertainment Scream VI (2023)

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Scream VI
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Title: Scream VI

Tagline: New York. New rules.

Genre: Horror,Crime,Thriller

Director: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin,Tyler Gillett

Cast: Melissa Barrera,Jenna Ortega,Jasmin Savoy Brown,Mason Gooding,Jack Champion,Roger L. Jackson,Liana Liberato,Dermot Mulroney,Devyn Nekoda,Josh Segarra,Hayden Panettiere,Henry Czerny,Tony Revolori,Skeet Ulrich,Samara Weaving,Courteney Cox,Matthew Giuffrida,Andre Anthony,Thomas Cadrot,Barry Morgan,Chanel Mings,Erika Prevost,Jesse Camacho,Jenna Wheeler-Hughes,Mizinga Mwinga,Céleste Dubé,André Bédard,Eric Davis,Lydia Zadel,Elizabeth Neale,Justin Johnson,Stephane Ishmael,Max Laferriere,Jack Quaid,Jason Cavalier,Thom Newell,Tim Robinson,Akiva Schaffer

Status: Released

Release: 2023-03-08

Runtime: 123

Plot: Following the latest Ghostface killings, the four survivors leave Woodsboro behind and start a fresh chapter.

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Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • Melissa Barrera

      Sam Carpenter
    • Jenna Ortega

      Tara Carpenter
    • Jasmin Savoy Brown

      Mindy Meeks-Martin
    • Mason Gooding

      Chad Meeks-Martin
    • Jack Champion

      Ethan Landry
    • Roger L. Jackson

      'The Voice' (voice)
    • Liana Liberato

      Quinn Bailey
    • Dermot Mulroney

      Detective Bailey
    • Devyn Nekoda

      Anika Kayoko
    • Josh Segarra

      Danny Brackett
    • Hayden Panettiere

      Kirby Reed
    • Henry Czerny

      Dr. Christopher Stone
    • Tony Revolori

      Jason Carvey
    • Skeet Ulrich

      Billy Loomis
    • Samara Weaving

      Laura Crane
    • Courteney Cox

      Gale Weathers
    • Matthew Giuffrida

      Paul 2.0
    • Andre Anthony

    • Thomas Cadrot

    • Barry Morgan

      TV Reporter
    • Chanel Mings

      Restaurant Hostess
    • Erika Prevost

      Frat Party Girl
    • Jesse Camacho

      Frat Dude
    • Jenna Wheeler-Hughes

      Angry Woman
    • Mizinga Mwinga

      Police Officer
    • Céleste Dubé

      Police Officer
    • André Bédard

      Police Officer
    • Eric Davis

      Reporter #1
    • Lydia Zadel

      Reporter #2
    • Elizabeth Neale

    • Cathy Konrad (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • Gary Barber (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • Brian Tyler (Sound)

      Original Music Composer
    • Michele Laliberte (Art)

      Production Design
    • Courteney Cox (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • James Vanderbilt (Production)

    • Kevin Williamson (Writing)

    • Marianne Maddalena (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • Greg P. Russell (Sound)

      Sound Re-Recording Mixer
    • William Sherak (Production)

    • Matt Bettinelli-Olpin (Directing)

    • Demi Lovato (Sound)

    • Jean Frenette (Crew)

    • Marie-Elaine Bailly (Production)

      Production Supervisor
    • Philippe Bossé (Camera)

      Still Photographer
    • Rich Delia (Production)

    • Brett Jutkiewicz (Camera)

      Director of Photography
    • Kevin McKeever (Sound)

      Music Editor
    • Tyler Gillett (Directing)

    • Chad Villella (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • Nancy MacLeod (Sound)

      Sound Effects Editor
    • Alexandre Cadieux (Crew)

      Stunt Coordinator
    • Louis Dandonneau (Art)

      Set Decoration
    • Philippe Lord (Art)

      Art Direction
    • Daniel Matthews (Crew)

      Transportation Coordinator
    • Michèle St-Arnaud (Production)

      Location Manager
    • D. Chris Smith (Sound)

      Sound Designer
    • Eames Gagnon (Lighting)

      Chief Lighting Technician
    • Karen Baker Landers (Sound)

      Supervising Sound Editor
    • Peter Staubli (Sound)

      Sound Designer
    • Official Teaser Trailer

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    • TOMORROW, everything must go.

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    • Official Trailer

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    • Official International Trailer

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    • Win

      • Teaser
    • Something's different now.

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    • Big Game Spot

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    • Let’s cut to the chase.

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    • To kill or to be killed?

      • Teaser
    • Keep your eyes open and your blades clean.

      • Teaser
    • Breathe

      • Teaser
    • Miss Me

      • Teaser
    • Keep your friends close, and your killer(s) closer.

      • Teaser
    • New York. New Rules.

      • Teaser
    • The Most Ruthless Ghostface

      • Featurette
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