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Entertainment Shake It Up (2010)

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Shake It Up
4.00 star(s)
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Genre: Family,Kids,Comedy,Drama

Director: Chris Thompson

First aired:

Last air date:

Show status: Ended

Overview: Best pals CeCe and Rocky dream of dancing stardom. And they seem on the verge of realizing that goal when they win places as backup dancers on the local TV show "Shake It Up, Chicago." While they get to show off their moves, they find out they need to keep putting their best feet forward to keep up with the rest of the crew on the show.

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    • Bella Thorne

      Total episodes: 77
    • Zendaya

      Total episodes: 77
    • Davis Cleveland

      Total episodes: 77
    • Adam Irigoyen

      Total episodes: 77
    • Roshon Fegan

      Total episodes: 77
    • Caroline Sunshine

      Total episodes: 68
    • Kenton Duty

      Total episodes: 51
    • R. Brandon Johnson

      Total episodes: 30
    • Anita Barone

      Total episodes: 25
    • Buddy Handleson

      Total episodes: 9
    • Leo Howard

      Total episodes: 7
    • Carla Renata

      Total episodes: 6
    • Anthony Starke

      Total episodes: 5
    • Phil Morris

      Total episodes: 5
    • Joel Brooks

      Total episodes: 4
    • Jonathan Chase

      Total episodes: 4
    • Jodi Taffel

      Total episodes: 4
    • Renée Taylor

      Total episodes: 3
    • Gina St. John

      Total episodes: 3
    • Jamie Kaler

      Total episodes: 3
    • Jim Pirri

      Total episodes: 3
    • Ben Stillwell

      Total episodes: 3
    • Ada Mogilevsky

      Total episodes: 3
    • Tyra Banks

      Total episodes: 2
    • Maggie Wheeler

      Total episodes: 2
    • Max Ehrich

      Total episodes: 2
    • Matthew Glave

      Total episodes: 2
    • Kiersey Clemons

      Total episodes: 2
    • Jasmyn Rae

      Total episodes: 2
    • Carla Jeffery

      Total episodes: 2
    • Joel Zwick (Directing)

    • Chris Thompson (Production)

    • Selena Gomez (Sound)

    • Tomoki Kyoda (Directing)

    • Sean McNamara (Directing)

    • Shelley Jensen (Directing)

    • Kimberly McCullough (Directing)

    • Michael Corcoran (Sound)

    • Katy Garretson (Directing)

    • Alison Taylor (Writing)

    • Rob Lotterstein (Writing)

    • Eric Dean Seaton (Directing)

    • Roger S. Christiansen (Directing)

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Show information in first post provided by The Movie Database
Shake It Up
Start It Up
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Air date: 2010-11-07

Guest stars: Caroline Sunshine,Matthew Scott Montgomery,Anita Barone,R. Brandon Johnson
Best friends CeCe and Rocky audition for the show, "Shake it Up Chicago". Unfortunately, CeCe did not get it because she froze in the middle of her audition (she usually pictures everyone else naked that is why she is never nervous). Rocky did well and got in. Rocky did not want to go to the show because CeCe was not on it. CeCe forces Rocky to go to the show. On Rocky's first show, she brought CeCe and handcuffed each other, and they ended up dancing together. The host thought that they have the "it" factor so, CeCe got in as well. In the end, the girls get $40 each but only $2 was left for them because they had to pay for new handcuffs, thrift store dance clothes, and transportation.

Shake It Up
Meatball It Up
Season: 1
Episode: 2
Air date: 2010-11-14

Guest stars: Caroline Sunshine,Jack Plotnick,Sophia Ali,Steven Lee Allen,Ryan Conferido,Jodi Taffel,Anita Barone,R. Brandon Johnson
CeCe and Rocky get their second paycheck from "Shake It Up, Chicago!" and open up a checking accounts at Chicago Savings Bank. They decide to go shopping at a thfift store with their new debit cards. Seeing that they were selfish with their money, they decide to treat Ty and Deuce to lunch at the Olive Pit. However, they aren't able to pay because their checking accounts are overdrawn. In order to get their meals for free, the girls participate in the restaurant's challenge of eating a 10-pound meatball over a heaping plate of spaghetti. It is also revealed that Rocky is a vegetarian. Meanwhile, Gunther and Tinka babysit Flynn.

Shake It Up
Give It Up
Season: 1
Episode: 3
Air date: 2010-11-21

Guest stars: Caroline Sunshine,Duncan Tran,Renée Taylor,Anita Barone,R. Brandon Johnson
CeCe and Rocky go to entertain the elderly at a retirement home, but one of them dislikes Rocky. Rocky tries to get the lady to be nice to her, but it doesn't work. CeCe tries to convince Rocky to ingest energy drinks that have more caffeine than three cups of coffee, but CeCe doesn't care. Flynn drinks them instead and the girls get tired of trying to calm him down all night. The girls also get light-up clothing from Deuce, who wants them to advertise the clothing. CeCe and Rocky then dance on the show, but when Ty gets a mistake of paying on twenty bucks to donate, he tries to stop them from dancing. The girls are then in the final battle against Gunther and Tinka, but the twins fall down as the light-up clothing repeatedly shocks the girls. Gary then announces that CeCe and Rocky are the last one standing, but they fall asleep as soon as Gary says they have a spotlight dance.

Shake It Up
Add It Up
Season: 1
Episode: 4
Air date: 2010-11-28

Guest stars: Caroline Sunshine,Buddy Handleson,Anita Barone,R. Brandon Johnson
CeCe finds herself in trouble when she learns that she is failing algebra class. So, Deuce hires a tutor for her. When the tutor shows up at CeCe's house, CeCe finds out that the tutor is a small fry genius in college. Flynn then breaks CeCe's tutor when Henry (the tutor) is playing video games with Flynn. Henry then reveals a secret Rocky never knew about CeCe, CeCe is dyslexic. Meanwhile, Ty goes on a date with Tinka and Gunther bets Deuce his various objects playing arm wrestling.

Shake It Up
Kick It Up
Season: 1
Episode: 5
Air date: 2010-12-05

Guest stars: Caroline Sunshine,Kent Boyd,Fred Stoller,Buddy Handleson,Michael Grant
Cece and Rocky join karate class. Meanwhile, Ty notices he could be getting fat. He decides to go on a special diet but he just keeps getting fatter.

Shake It Up
Age It Up
Season: 1
Episode: 6
Air date: 2010-12-09

Guest stars: Caroline Sunshine,Chris Trousdale,Stephanie Lemelin,Kiersey Clemons,Anita Barone,R. Brandon Johnson
When Rocky and CeCe get to dance with teen sensation Justin Starr, CeCe accidentally texts a photo of him kissing his manager to everyone on her contacts list that could ruin his career. Meanwhile, Ty tries to make Gunther more "hip".

Shake It Up
Party It Up
Season: 1
Episode: 7
Air date: 2010-12-12

Guest stars: Mitch Holleman,Garrett Clayton,Kiersey Clemons,Neal Lerner,Anita Barone,R. Brandon Johnson
When CeCe and Rocky are invited by Gary to a party, they are embarrassed to learn they were invited as waitresses.

Shake It Up
Hook It Up
Season: 1
Episode: 8
Air date: 2010-12-19

Guest stars: Caroline Sunshine,Alexandria DeBerry,Max Ehrich,Jordan A. Nichols,R. Brandon Johnson
CeCe and Rocky are embarrassed to tell their friends they are simply background dancers for "Shake it Up Chicago".

Shake It Up
Wild It Up
Season: 1
Episode: 9
Air date: 2011-01-09

Guest stars: Cat Deeley,Thomas Kasp,Joel Brooks
Rocky tries to change her image when she reads a blog about how she is a goody-two-shoes. However, Rocky ends up in the Vice Principal’s office (played by Cat Deeley) after she goes a bit too far trying to change her image. Also during the episode Deuce and Flynn try to catch a mouse that is loose in CeCe’s apartment.

Shake It Up
Match It Up
Season: 1
Episode: 10
Air date: 2011-01-23

Guest stars: Ainsley Bailey,Juliette Goglia,Buddy Handleson
CeCe tries to play matchmaker for Deuce, but her plan backfires when he gets back together with his up to no good girlfriend, Savannah. Cece, Rocky and Ty scheme up a plan to prove to Deuce that Savannah's only attracted to his money, in order to set him up with Dina, who they feel he is more compatible with. Meanwhile, Flynn helps Henry earn a Coyote Scout camping badge.

Shake It Up
Show It Up
Season: 1
Episode: 11
Air date: 2011-02-20

Guest stars: Ainsley Bailey,Caitlin Carmichael,Emily Skinner,John D'Aquino,Adrian Elizondo,R. Brandon Johnson
Rocky is determined to beat perennial champions Randy and Candy at the talent show after Candy wins every single award while Rocky comes in second place. Upon realizing that they will lose against Candy and her fellow cheerleaders, they enlist Gunter and Tinka to dance with them in the show but Candy and Randy recruit them for their team soon after. Cece does not give up and brings in her secret weapon Ty. Meanwhile, Flynn helps Deuce prepare to MC the show.

Shake It Up
Heat It Up
Season: 1
Episode: 12
Air date: 2011-02-27

Guest stars: Caroline Sunshine,Charlet Chung,Joel Brooks
When the heat goes out in Rocky’s apartment, CeCe invites Rocky, Ty, and their mother to move in with them. However, the mothers' disagreements start to affect and ruin CeCe and Rocky's friendship. At the science fair the next day, CeCe and Rocky argue at school and ruin each others project on accident. When CeCe gets home she talks to her mom and both decide to cancel to trip. Unfortunately, Flynn overhears the conversation and storms out upset. Not realizing how much the trip meant to Flynn, CeCe's mom makes up with Rocky's mom and CeCe makes up with Rocky. Meanwhile, Ty builds himself a man cave to get away from the women of the house.

Shake It Up
Hot Mess It Up
Season: 1
Episode: 14
Air date: 2011-03-20

Guest stars: Caroline Sunshine,Evie Thompson,R. Brandon Johnson
CeCe and Rocky host a video webcast offering advice to teens. Meanwhile, Ty, Flynn and Deuce host their own internet show called "Zombie Talk".

Shake It Up
Reunion It Up
Season: 1
Episode: 15
Air date: 2011-04-10

Guest stars: Anneliese van der Pol,Meagan Holder,R. Brandon Johnson
CeCe and Rocky get the chance to dance with Ronnie and Angie, two of the original dancers of Shake It Up, Chicago. However, when they see that the women are no longer friends, Cece and Rocky fear that they will feel the same way later in their lives. Meanwhile, Deuce accidentally kills Flynn's Goldfish, Mr. Goldenburg, and plans a proper funeral for Mr. Goldenburg.

Shake It Up
Sweat It Up
Season: 1
Episode: 16
Air date: 2011-05-01

Guest stars: Zayne Emory,Wendy Worthington,Jamie Kaler,Anita Barone,R. Brandon Johnson
CeCe fakes a leg injury in order to avoid participating in gym class. Rocky lies and says that she is having both her appendix removed to avoid laser tag with the nerds. When the two are caught dancing salsa on Shake It Up, Chicago, CeCe is told by Coach Lessor that she has to attend summer school, and Rocky is unaccepted from the nerds' social group. However, when CeCe's mother comes for a private conference with the coach and CeCe, they both express interest in each other and start dating. CeCe takes this as a sign that she won't have to participate in gym class anymore, until her mom and Coach Lessor break up too soon, and she is forced off the bench to be physically tested. Meanwhile, the boys take care of a neighbor's dog, but the dog proves to be difficult.

Shake It Up
Vatalihootsit it Up
Season: 1
Episode: 17
Air date: 2011-06-12

Guest stars: Caroline Sunshine,Bronson Pinchot,Mary Birdsong,Tony O'Dell,Hudson Thames,R. Brandon Johnson
Gunther and Tinka want CeCe and Rocky to come visit their home and celebrate Vatalihoosit Day with them. Things don't really go well with the parents and they try to get Ty and Flynn for help. In the end, CeCe and Rocky wants to stay but Vatalihoosit Day was over and Gunther and Tinka kicked them out. Meanwhile, Ty auditioned for a juice commercial, but is unhappy when he didn't get the audition. Instead, the producer asks Flynn to shoot the commercial, but he later finds out its a commercial for "Action Pants" instead of a juice box commercial.

Shake It Up
Model It Up
Season: 1
Episode: 18
Air date: 2011-06-17

Guest stars: Philip Anthony-Rodriguez,Kenneth Tipton,Renée Taylor,R. Brandon Johnson
Rocky and Cece get a chance at a modeling career but the people only like Rocky. So she gets a chance to be a model for Glam Magazine, but it's in New York. Rocky is hesitant to go, but her friends all encourage her to go, saying that it is a big chance for her. She decides not to go when she overhears her friends say they truly care about her. Meanwhile, the boys have to do chores for Mrs. Locassio because Deuce and Ty broke Flynn's video game console and they have to get money to get him a new one.

Shake It Up
Twist It Up
Season: 1
Episode: 19
Air date: 2011-07-10

Guest stars: Ainsley Bailey,Buddy Handleson,Maggie Wheeler,R. Brandon Johnson
CeCe and Rocky start a new dance craze. Mrs. Garcia wants to throw a huge party for Dina's birthday, but Dina wants a simple, small party, so CeCe and Rocky take over organizing Dina's party. However, they throw an over the top party which Dina didn't want, and have to fix it. Meanwhile, Flynn gets a new robot that destroys things with its laser eyes, and he gets his friend Henry to help him. Deuce tries to impress Mrs. Garcia by learning dancing from Ty.