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Entertainment Sinterklaas & Diego: Het Geheim van de Ring (2014)

Sinterklaas & Diego: Het Geheim van de Ring
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Title: Sinterklaas & Diego: Het Geheim van de Ring

Genre: Family,Adventure,Thriller

Director: Roy Poortmans

Cast: Ernst Daniël Smid,Johnny Kraaijkamp Jr.,Iris Hesseling,Harold Verwoert,Ron Boszhard,Coosje Smid,Peter Faber,Jeffrey Erens,Bart Juwett,Willian Kleinjan,Nick Nielsen,Ron Groenewoud,Merel de Zwart,Jelle Ozinga,Anna Speller,Jeroen Sakko,Rob Mortze,Kay Roggen,Jim Ketting-Olivier,Roy van Breemen,Luc van Kuppenveld

Status: Released

Release: 2014-10-08

Runtime: 75

Plot: Dutch children’s friend Saint Nicholas is at his wit's end. The letters from children are stacking up and the list of gifts just keeps getting longer. How is he supposed to deliver all those gifts to all those sweet little children in one night? When Diego proposes to ask good old Santa for help, they travel to the North Pole, together with Clumsy Pete and children Max and Anna. Everything seems to work out fine, until Famke and Yvette, two escaped convicts, mess things up. Will Saint Nicolas and his Petes be able to save the feast of St. Nicholas?

Production companies

Cast Crew

    • Ernst Daniël Smid

      De Kerstman
    • Johnny Kraaijkamp jr.

      De Kraai
    • Iris Hesseling

    • Harold Verwoert

      Coole Piet Diego
    • Ron Boszhard

    • Coosje Smid

    • Peter Faber

    • Roy Poortmans (Writing)

    • Harold Verwoert (Writing)

    • Dick Bouquet (Writing)

    • Louisa Verwoert (Writing)

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