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Entertainment Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild (2005)

Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild
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Title: Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild

Genre: Animation,Comedy,Family

Director: Audu Paden

Cast: Michael J. Fox,Geena Davis,Hugh Laurie,Wayne Brady,Kevin Schon,Corey Padnos,Peter MacNicol,Virginia Madsen,Rino Romano,Tara Strong,Charlie Adler,Tom Kenny,Sophia Paden,Kath Soucie

Status: Released

Release: 2005-07-14

Runtime: 72

Plot: With school out for the summer, The Littles are vacationing in a cabin by the lake, and Stuart is so excited he could burst! But when Snowbell the cat is captured by a mean-spirited creature known simply as the Beast, it's up to Stuart and a skunk named Reeko to rescue him and a few other friends.

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Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • Michael J. Fox

      Stuart Little (voice)
    • Geena Davis

      Mrs. Little (voice)
    • Hugh Laurie

      Mr. Little (voice)
    • Wayne Brady

      Reeko (voice)
    • Kevin Schon

      Snowbell (voice)
    • Corey Padnos

      George Little (voice)
    • Peter MacNicol

      Troopmaster (voice)
    • Virginia Madsen

      The Beast (voice)
    • Rino Romano

      Monty (voice)
    • Tara Strong

      Brooke / Forest Animals / Scouts (voice)
    • Charlie Adler

      Beaver (voice)
    • Tom Kenny

      Forest Animals / Scouts (voice)
    • Kath Soucie

      Forest Animals / Scouts (voice)
    • E.B. White (Writing)

    • Don McEnery (Writing)

    • Audu Paden (Directing)

    • Bob Shaw (Writing)

    • Atli Örvarsson (Sound)

      Original Music Composer
    • Bill Motz (Crew)

      Additional Writing
    • Bob Roth (Crew)

      Additional Writing
    • Douglas Wick (Writing)

    • E.B. White (Writing)

    • Skip Jones (Art)

      Storyboard Artist
    • Jeremy Stewart (Visual Effects)

    • Stuart Little 3 Official Trailer!

      • Trailer
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