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Entertainment Teenage Girl: First Wheels (2020)

Teenage Girl: First Wheels
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Title: Teenage Girl: First Wheels

Tagline: Two girls, one mustang, one weekend... what could go wrong?

Genre: Comedy

Director: Aaron Lee Lopez

Cast: Claire Tablizo,Jaeden Riley Juarez,Lexi Villarreal,Corey Feldman,William Austin Barker,Olivia Wiley,Abigail Guerrero,P.G. Marlar,Paul Matthew Lopez

Status: Released

Release: 2020-05-28

Runtime: 86

Plot: When her family goes out of town, Alex and her fellow band geek friend Claire decide to take her brother's red 1966 Mustang on weekend joyride in hopes of appearing cool and impressing her high school crush.

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Trailer Cast Crew

    • Claire Tablizo

    • Jaeden Riley Juarez

    • Lexi Villarreal

    • Corey Feldman

    • Aaron Lee Lopez (Directing)

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