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Entertainment The Boss Baby: Family Business (2021)

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The Boss Baby: Family Business
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Title: The Boss Baby: Family Business

Tagline: Playtime is over.

Genre: Animation,Comedy,Adventure,Family

Director: Tom McGrath

Cast: Alec Baldwin,James Marsden,Amy Sedaris,Ariana Greenblatt,Jeff Goldblum,Eva Longoria,James McGrath,Jimmy Kimmel,Lisa Kudrow,Raphael Alejandro,Serenity Reign Brown,David Soren,Nicholas Gist,James Ryan,David P. Smith,Nova Reed,Molly K. Gray,Ashlyn Lundahl,Dave Needham,Tom McGrath,Reyn Doi,Collin Erker,Walt Dohrn,April Lawrence,Miles Bakshi,Kristin Lowe,Marjorie Cohn,Connor Albrecht

Status: Released

Release: 2021-07-01

Runtime: 107

Plot: The Templeton brothers — Tim and his Boss Baby little bro Ted — have become adults and drifted away from each other. But a new boss baby with a cutting-edge approach and a can-do attitude is about to bring them together again … and inspire a new family business.

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    • Alec Baldwin

      Theodore Templeton (voice)
    • James Marsden

      Tim Templeton (voice)
    • Amy Sedaris

      Tina Templeton (voice)
    • Ariana Greenblatt

      Tabitha Templeton (voice)
    • Jeff Goldblum

      Dr. Armstrong (voice)
    • Eva Longoria

      Carol Templeton (voice)
    • James McGrath

      Wizzie (voice)
    • Jimmy Kimmel

      Ted Templeton (voice)
    • Lisa Kudrow

      Janice Templeton (voice)
    • Raphael Alejandro

      Nathan / Lead Baby Ninja (voice)
    • Serenity Reign Brown

      Meghan (voice)
    • David Soren

      Jimbo (voice)
    • Nicholas Gist

      The Triplets (voice)
    • James Ryan

      Story Bear (Connie) (voice)
    • David P. Smith

      Movie Patron (voice)
    • Nova Reed

      Little Bo Peep Baby (voice)
    • Molly K. Gray

      Creepy Girl (voice)
    • Ashlyn Lundahl

      'No' Girl (voice)
    • Dave Needham

      Glue Baby (voice)
    • Tom McGrath

      Dr. Tiffany Hamilton (voice)
    • Reyn Doi

      Box Kid (voice)
    • Collin Erker

      Time Out Kid (voice)
    • Walt Dohrn

      Baby Bouncer (voice)
    • April Lawrence

      Acorn Center Computer (voice)
    • Margie Cohn

      Maman spectacle 2 (voice)
    • Miles Bakshi

      Young Tim Voice-Over (voice)
    • Kristin Lowe

      Pageant Mom 1 (voice)
    • Marjorie Cohn

      Pageant Mom 2 (voice)
    • Connor Albrecht

      Dreidel Kid (voice)
    • Pedro Eustache (Sound)

    • Christopher Gonzalez (Visual Effects)

    • Carl Roberts (Sound)

      Foley Recordist
    • Angelo Raguso (Sound)

      Sound Mixer
    • Lisa Curtis Saunders (Visual Effects)

      Pipeline Technical Director
    • Jacob Collier (Sound)

    • Jon Eric Schmidt (Production)

      Associate Producer
    • Stephen Wood (Crew)

      Special Effects
    • Mary Blee (Editing)

    • Andrew Harkins (Visual Effects)

    • Jeff Hermann (Production)

    • Matt Yocum (Sound)

      Sound Effects Editor
    • Christopher Brock (Art)

      Art Direction
    • Marla Frazee (Writing)

    • Nelson Yokota (Art)

      Storyboard Artist
    • Hans Zimmer (Sound)

      Original Music Composer
    • Luke Schwarzweller (Sound)

      Sound Mix Technician
    • Raymond Zibach (Art)

      Production Design
    • Andy Schuhler (Art)

      Art Direction
    • James Morioka (Sound)

      Dialogue Editor
    • Christian Schaanning (Sound)

      Sound Effects Editor
    • Paul N.J. Ottosson (Sound)

      Sound Designer
    • Christi Soper Hilt (Production)

    • Michael J. Broomberg (Sound)

      Foley Artist
    • Steve Mazzaro (Sound)

      Original Music Composer
    • John Swanson (Production)

      Associate Producer
    • Beau Borders (Sound)

      Sound Re-Recording Mixer
    • Tom McGrath (Writing)

    • Mark A. Hester (Editing)

    • Michael McCullers (Writing)

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    • Official Trailer 2 (Universal Pictures)

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