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Walgreens For Cities XL and Cities XXL

Walgreens Co. operated chains of drugstores nationwide. Not only theyn sell prescriptions and non-prescription drugs, but they also sale general merchandises such as beauty products, groceries, electronics, printed photos, and more to explore. Since 1901, Walgreens had operated 6,014 stores in all 48 states including Puerto Rico. This location here is kind of a ressemblance of the former location on 8488 Brown Deer Road, Milwaukee WI 53223. They both are totally diffrent, not exactly the same. This location has a total of 69 parking stalls, a drive thru pharmacy, new lighting customly made by us, and a great visibility of the both off-model roads.

If you want to create the interior, please comment me here or contact me through my email, and I will respond to it later.

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