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Entertainment Wayside (2007)

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Genre: Family,Animation,Comedy

First aired:

Last air date:

Show status: Ended

Overview: The comically-absurd tales of students on the top floor of Wayside, a quirky grammar school that was accidentally built 30-stories high.

Production companies

Where to watch

Trailer Crew Videos

    • Louis Sachar (Writing)

    • Skye Sweetnam (Sound)

    • Rob Tinkler (Writing)

    • Scott Albert (Writing)

    • Scott Dyer (Production)

    • Riccardo Durante (Directing)

    • Matthew Sheppo (Writing)

    • Terry McGurrin (Writing)

    • John Derevlany (Writing)

    • Michael Gelbart (Writing)

    • Dennis Heaton (Writing)

    • Series Marathon | Wayside | KEEP IT WEIRD

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