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Entertainment Zoey 101: Spring Break-Up (2006)

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Zoey 101: Spring Break-Up
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Title: Zoey 101: Spring Break-Up

Tagline: The First Ever Zoey 101 T.V. Movie Event.

Genre: Family,Drama,TV Movie

Director: Steve Hoefer

Cast: Jamie Lynn Spears,Paul Butcher,Sean Flynn,Victoria Justice,Christopher Massey,Alexa Nikolas,Erin Sanders,Matthew Underwood,Michael Corbett,Ronnie Sperling,Napiera Groves,Allen Evangelista,Kirsten Michaels,Justin Collins,Jordan Engle,Jennifer Cadena,Tyler Kremer

Status: Released

Release: 2006-03-10

Runtime: 48

Plot: The gang is invited to Logan's dad's mansion for spring break, only to find out they are being used for testing a new reality show called "Gender Defenders." Now it's boys against girls and, when Chase accidentally sends a text message to Zoey proclaiming his true feelings for her, they start to wonder if it's Spring Break or Spring Bummer.

Production companies

Cast Crew

    • Jamie Lynn Spears

      Zoey Brooks
    • Paul Butcher

      Dustin Brooks
    • Sean Flynn

      Chase Matthews
    • Victoria Justice

      Lola Martinez
    • Christopher Massey

      Michael Barret
    • Alexa Nikolas

      Nicole Bristow
    • Erin Sanders

      Quinn Pensky
    • Matthew Underwood

      Logan Reese
    • Michael Corbett

      Malcolm Reese
    • Ronnie Sperling

    • Napiera Groves

    • Allen Evangelista

      Wayne Gilbert
    • Kirsten Michaels

      Kris Dangl
    • Justin Collins

      Ben Pluimer
    • Jordan Engle

      Tyler Cook
    • Jennifer Cadena

    • Tyler Kremer

    • Dan Schneider (Writing)

    • Steve Hoefer (Directing)

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