All American Fast Food (Cities XXL)

Retail All American Fast Food (Cities XXL) 1.2

Original author: Eano
Game Version(s)
  1. Cities XXL
Installation Pre-requiste(s)
  1. Cities XXL Community Patch Mod
Geographical Tag(s)
  1. North America
Common Era Tag(s)
  1. 1950 to 2000
Architectural Style Tag(s)
  1. Modern
This mod has been made compatible to CXXL by metrocity345. The following changes were made: Added filter Tags.

Original author: Eano

It's finally here, junk food for the masses! http://****/styles/default/xenforo/clear.png





An iconic landmark building or three in Los Angeles, also founds as Kindles (same shape).
  • Leisure>Shops>T1>Custom Menu
  • 20mx40m

Dairy Queen is known for its grill and chill, mostly chill (ice cream variations).
  • Leisure>Shops>T1>Custom Menu
  • 20mx40m

The home of the square burger, great thick shakes too!
  • Leisure>Shops>T2>Custom Menu
  • 40mx40

Freshly sliced roast beef sandwiches and them curly fries.
  • Leisure>Shops>T2>Custom Menu
  • 40mx40m

The home of a thousand drink variations and very fast food (delivered by roller skates).
  • Leisure>Shops>T2>Custom Menu
  • 40mx40m

They all have a complete set of LODs and maps, they are all more than under the mesh limits.
Be sure to have the shader pack installed, it is required.
Let me know if you all spot any issues, everything seems good after my testing.

A huge thank you to Monty, Altiris and Aitortilla for you help with the crazy shtuff. Thank all of you for the support on my modding thread and XL Nation!

Quality first. Enjoy!
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Great Mod needed more fast food restaurants
What’s operating system are you playing?
Microsoft Windows
What’s city building game do you play?
Cities XXL