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Caldor Department Store

Lots Caldor Department Store v1.0

retail for simcity 4
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  1. SimCity 4 Rush Hour
Note: This is not my file and all credit go to @B62 Remastered with permission

Verbatim from Bobbo's original 2006 readme:


Headquarters - Norwalk, Connecticut
President - Warren D. Feldberg
Employees - 22,000
Stores - 145
Founded - 1954
Closed - 1999

February of 1999, New England lost another major regional retail chain of store. Caldor, the company founded by Carl and Dorothy Bennett in 1951, turned to dust. This was the end of the sales pitch for the 4th largest retail chain in America. 22,000 workers took home pink slips for their trouble. 145 stores in nine states were put up for lease.

Caldor got it's name from combining the first names of the Bennetts, Carl & Dorothy and opened one small store in Port Chester, New York. The Bennetts sold Caldor to Associated Dry Goods Corp., and in 1986, ADG merged with the May Department Stores Co. In 1991, Caldor went public and grew into a company with 2.5 billion in annual sales. Though in
recent years, Caldor failed to distinguish itself from other regional discounters, like Ames Department Stores and could not compete with retail giants like Wal-Mart, Kmart and Target.

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