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Posting A Resource In The New CountriesXL

Tutorial Posting A Resource In The New CountriesXL

How to post in the CountriesXL Echange
  • Author NICK97
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Game Version(s)
  1. Cities XXL
Installation Pre-requiste(s)
  1. None
Here is a brief tutorial on how to post in the new CountriesXL Exchange for members not used to the new website format.

1. Start by clicking on the Add Resource button
30422789 CB77 47E2 A3C4 0B7594999039

2. Select the category you want to post in
DA9A8A69 08D6 4AEF B241 7DDDE7E7E8A3

3. Select the prefix, enter a title, put in the revision number and then add a short description in the Tag Line box
C1A61E95 0506 46F7 942F DA1186D29B7A

4. Click the Upload Your Resource button to attach a resource. If there is no file then use the External Download URL box. The tutorial resource has an option for No File.
C635D18C 728A 4AB4 A101 3643B547BFE9

5. Now check the box and select the types of CitiesXXL with your mouse your file is compatible with.
2CC69645 75F9 4D27 9882 10837FD81993

6. Now fill out the description for your file.
892DB5B0 8409 4EA6 B98C EF7B7E904C2B

7. While you are filling out the description you may want to add images so click the Upload Images button under the description text box.
AD99F962 C580 4AD1 84BF 6B900D1325C9

Optional 8. Now fill out the additional details for your file.
CAF09F0B 52D2 49B8 8060 CBC6339DA8F4

9. You can select more than one by holding your CTRL key down and selecting them with your mouse

10. Once the pictures are uploaded you can add them as full images or thumbnails.
6BB6CBE6 2D6E 45F3 8875 6755FE9A51DE

11. If your uploading a patch file you will need to check the box for any Installation Pre-requiste(s)
76E32650 7953 42F1 8F5A 4CBCBCCED4CC

12. Upload Resource Icon box then click Save.
AA96EB24 EC6B 4DD4 9D5E 872DFB337F45

13. After clicking save your resource post will be saved
DE3AE5DA 9DF2 484B B6A3 64EC678EFF0A
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