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XXL NEXL Pedestrian Paths

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Pedestrian Paths
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  1. Cities XXL
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  1. Cities XXL Community Patch Mod
  2. XL Nation Furniture Dependency Pack
Most cities in the world have areas where only pedestrians can move; and those include not only plazas, but also whole streets closed off for vehicle traffic, European cities being the best, but by no means the only example. Even in the current age of the Automobile, these pedestrian streets provide a welcome place for a respite from the noise and the huge barreer which vehicle traffic represents for our basic way of moving. They are a haven of tranquility, lined up with bars and small stores, smartly decorated, and for the most part - the most attractive part of the downtown of any city.
Cities XL was sadly lacking this feature, and this omission was now corrected. The NEXL Pedestrian paths mod brings a wide variety of new street sizes and textures, from narrow wooden paths suitable for parks to large downtown boulevards.
All Pedpaths allow your buildings City Hall access. Pedestrians will be able to use unrestricted Mass transport, as long as there are stops or stations within walking distance. Cars could also be used, provided there's a parking in the area, where citizens could leave their cars before entering the pedestrian zone. And of course, Services also have access to Pedestrian Roads, although they tend to spread less readily there than on car roads.
The mod also brings you several new Plazas, found in the appropriate subcategory of the new Areas menu.
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