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Entertainment Are We There Yet? (2005)

Are We There Yet?
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Title: Are We There Yet?

Tagline: 24 hours. 350 miles. His girlfriend's kids. What could possibly go wrong?

Genre: Family,Adventure,Comedy,Romance

Director: Brian Levant

Cast: Ice Cube,Nia Long,Aleisha Allen,Philip Bolden,Jay Mohr,M.C. Gainey,Henry Simmons,Ray Galletti,Viv Leacock,Sean Millington,C. Ernst Harth,Tim Perez,David MacKay,Frank C. Turner,Tracy Morgan,Jerry Hardin,Nichelle Nichols,Shiraine Haas,Derek Lowe,Denalda Williams,Casey Dubois,Daniel Cudmore,J.B. McEown,Kenyan Lewis

Status: Released

Release: 2005-01-20

Runtime: 95

Plot: The fledgling romance between Nick, a playboy bachelor, and Suzanne, a divorced mother of two, is threatened by a particularly harrowing New Years Eve. When Suzanne's work keeps her in Vancouver for the holiday, Nick offers to bring her kids to the city from Portland, Oregon. The kids, who have never liked any of the men their mom dates, are determined to turn the trip into a nightmare for Nick.

Production companies

Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • Ice Cube

      Nick Persons
    • Nia Long

      Suzanne Kingston
    • Aleisha Allen

      Lindsey Kingston
    • Philip Bolden

      Kevin Kingston
    • Jay Mohr

    • M.C. Gainey

    • Henry Simmons

    • Ray Galletti

      Car Dealer
    • Viv Leacock

      Nick's Pal on the Street
    • Sean Millington

      Frank Kingston
    • C. Ernst Harth

    • Tim Perez

      Basketball Player
    • David Mackay

      Drug Store Clerk
    • Frank C. Turner

      Amish Man
    • Tracy Morgan

      Satchel Paige (voice)
    • Nichelle Nichols

      Miss Mable
    • Shiraine Haas

      Frank's Wife
    • Daniel Cudmore

      Basketball Player
    • Tim Walston (Sound)

      Sound Effects Editor
    • Randal Platt (Camera)

      Second Unit Director of Photography
    • Grant Smith (Crew)

      Utility Stunts
    • Brian Levant (Directing)

    • Victoria Balharry (Art)

      Art Department Coordinator
    • Leanne Buchanan (Crew)

    • Eddie L. Watkins (Crew)

      Stunt Coordinator
    • Jeanne McCarthy (Production)

    • Trevor Addie (Crew)

    • J.J. Makaro (Crew)

      Stunt Coordinator
    • Derek Dauchy (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • Todd Garner (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • Dan Kolsrud (Production)

    • Gerald Paetz (Crew)

      Stunt Driver
    • Juel Bestrop (Production)

    • Guy Bews (Crew)

    • Eddy Santos (Directing)

      Second Assistant Director
    • Duane Dickinson (Crew)

    • Ice Cube (Production)

    • Stephen J. Lineweaver (Art)

      Production Design
    • J. David Stem (Writing)

    • David N. Weiss (Writing)

    • Melissa R. Stubbs (Crew)

      Stunt Driver
    • David Newman (Sound)

      Original Music Composer
    • Kenneth Kantymir (Crew)

      Stand In
    • Jules Stewart (Directing)

      Script Supervisor
    • Laura Lee Connery (Crew)

    • Kelvin Humenny (Art)

      Art Direction
    • Scott Nicholson (Crew)

      Stunt Driver
    • Thomas E. Ackerman (Camera)

      Director of Photography
    • Are We There Yet? - Trailer

      • Trailer
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