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  1. Entertainment Harold and the Purple Crayon (2024)

    Title: Harold and the Purple Crayon
    Tagline: Everything he draws is about to get real.
    Genre: Adventure,Family,Fantasy,Comedy
    Director: Carlos Saldanha
    Runtime: 90
    Status: Released
    Release: 2024-07-11
  2. Entertainment IF (2024)

    Title: IF
    Tagline: A story you have to believe to see.
    Genre: Comedy,Fantasy,Family
    Director: John Krasinski
    Runtime: 104
    Status: Released
    Release: 2024-05-08
  3. Entertainment The Legend of Catclaws Mountain (2024)

    Title: The Legend of Catclaws Mountain
    Genre: Fantasy,Family
    Director: Ritchie Greer
    Runtime: 105
    Status: Released
    Release: 2024-05-27
  4. Entertainment No Time to Spy: A Loud House Movie (2024)

    Title: No Time to Spy: A Loud House Movie
    Tagline: Dropping in to save the world
    Genre: Animation,Action,Adventure,Comedy,Family
    Director: Kyle Marshall
    Runtime: 81
    Status: Released
    Release: 2024-06-21
  5. Entertainment Freaky Friday 2

    Title: Freaky Friday 2
    Genre: Comedy,Family,Fantasy
    Director: Nisha Ganatra
    Status: In Production
  6. Entertainment Niko: Beyond the Northern Lights (2024)

    Title: Niko: Beyond the Northern Lights
    Genre: Animation,Family
    Director: Jørgen Lerdam,Kari Juusonen
    Runtime: 85
    Status: In Production
    Release: 2024-10-11
  7. Entertainment third PAW Patrol film (2026)

    Title: Untitled third PAW Patrol film
    Genre: Animation,Comedy,Drama,Family
    Director: Cal Brunker
    Status: Planned
    Release: 2026-07-31
  8. Entertainment Dog Man (2025)

    Title: Dog Man
    Genre: Family,Animation,Comedy
    Director: Peter Hastings
    Status: In Production
    Release: 2025-01-29
  9. Entertainment Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp (2024)

    Title: Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp
    Genre: Family,Comedy,Animation
    Director: Jonathan A. Rosenbaum
    Runtime: 101
    Status: Released
    Release: 2024-04-12
  10. Entertainment Untitled The Polar Express Sequel

    Title: Untitled The Polar Express Sequel
    Genre: Animation,Adventure,Family,Fantasy
    Status: Planned
  11. Entertainment Return to Wickensburg

    Title: Return to Wickensburg
    Genre: Adventure,Family
    Director: Richard Boddington
    Status: Post Production
  12. Entertainment Wizards of Waverly Place: Wizard School (2008)

    Title: Wizards of Waverly Place: Wizard School
    Genre: Family,Comedy,Fantasy
    Director: Mark Cendrowski
    Runtime: 46
    Status: Released
    Release: 2008-04-06
  13. Entertainment Marmaduke (2022)

    Title: Marmaduke
    Tagline: Man's biggest friend.
    Genre: Animation,Family,Comedy,Adventure
    Director: Mark A.Z. Dippé
    Runtime: 88
    Status: Released
    Release: 2022-04-28
  14. Entertainment The Casagrandes Movie (2024)

    Title: The Casagrandes Movie
    Genre: Animation,Comedy,Family
    Director: Miguel Puga
    Runtime: 86
    Status: Released
    Release: 2024-03-21
  15. Entertainment Paddington in Peru (2024)

    Title: Paddington in Peru
    Tagline: A little bear goes a long way.
    Genre: Comedy,Family,Adventure
    Director: Dougal Wilson
    Status: In Production
    Release: 2024-11-07
  16. Entertainment Saint Nick of Bethlehem (2024)

    Title: Saint Nick of Bethlehem
    Genre: Drama,Family,Romance
    Director: Spencer T. Folmar
    Status: In Production
    Release: 2024-11-14
  17. Entertainment Aussie and Ted's Great Adventure (2009)

    Title: Aussie and Ted's Great Adventure
    Tagline: These Guys DROOL...
    Genre: Drama,Family
    Director: Shuki Levy
    Runtime: 89
    Status: Released
    Release: 2009-01-01
  18. Entertainment The Tangerine Bear: Home in Time for Christmas! (2000)

    Title: The Tangerine Bear: Home in Time for Christmas!
    Genre: Animation,Family
    Director: Bert Ring
    Runtime: 61
    Status: Released
    Release: 2000-11-11
  19. Entertainment Frozen 4

    Title: Frozen 4
    Genre: Animation,Fantasy,Family
    Status: Planned
  20. Entertainment Frozen 3

    Title: Frozen 3
    Genre: Animation,Family,Fantasy,Comedy,Adventure
    Status: Planned