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Entertainment The Legend of Catclaws Mountain (2024)

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The Legend of Catclaws Mountain
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Title: The Legend of Catclaws Mountain

Genre: Fantasy,Family

Director: Ritchie Greer

Cast: Hayden Hishaw,James Duval,Robert Davi,Dee Wallace,Ilia Volok,Ricco Ross,Daniel Felix de Weldon,Cadence Goblirsch,Joseph Kyler,Don Scribner,Amber Wegner,Joseph Lopez,Bryan Zuvic,Benjamin Widner,Dylan Mojo,Chalet Lizette Brannan,Phillip Andre Botello,Jeremiah Benjamin,Anna Easteden,Xander Bailey,Torrey B. Lawrence,Robbie Danzie,Heather Jocelyn Blair,Bob Lee Dysinger,Ariane Nicole Andrew,Cerra Angela Vallentine,Aria Schnyder,Savannah Marlissa,Paxton Kubitz,Kane Suh,Holly Kiger,Madison Rotolo,Evan Huit,Stanley Ross,Sassan Saffari,Eliza Agnifilo,Nancy Mocker,Jack Sherman

Status: Released

Release: 2024-05-27

Runtime: 105

Plot: Mindy adopts Angel, a high-spirited pony that—according to legend—will lead its owner to gold hidden in the nearby mountains. When Angel is kidnapped by a mad treasure hunter, Mindy and her school friends head into the hills to rescue the pony and hunt for the lost gold. But Mindy meets a mountain man that warns her the treasure is part of an ancient curse—if they remove the gold, they'll destroy the beautiful forest.

Production companies

Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • Hayden Hishaw

      Mindy Johnson
    • James Duval

      Marcus McKinley
    • Robert Davi

      Mickey Berrelli
    • Dee Wallace

      Maggie Porter
    • Ilia Volok

      Professor Nikolai Surkov
    • Ricco Ross

      Martin Johnson
    • Daniel Felix de Weldon

    • Cadence Goblirsch

    • Joseph Kyler

      Eddie Bucks
    • Don Scribner

    • Amber Wegner

      Beth Johnson
    • Joseph Lopez

      Epson Randolph
    • Heather Jocelyn Blair

      Newscaster Nancy Solomon
    • Bob Lee Dysinger

      Sheriff Peterson
    • Jack Sherman

      Background Actor
    • Ricco Ross (Production)

    • Adrienne McQueen (Production)

      Associate Producer
    • Jack Sherman (Editing)

    • Bob Lee Dysinger (Writing)

    • Heather Jocelyn Blair (Production)

      Associate Producer
    • Russell Brannan (Production)

    • Amber Wegner (Production)

      Associate Producer
    • Ritchie Greer (Production)

    • Malou Greer (Production)

      Production Manager
    • Alejandro Ramos (Crew)

    • Salil Bhayani (Sound)

    • Official Trailer

      • Trailer
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