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Entertainment Return to Wickensburg

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Return to Wickensburg
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Title: Return to Wickensburg

Genre: Adventure,Family

Director: Richard Boddington

Cast: Denise Richards,Julian Richings,Steve Byers,Jensen Gering,Nathaniel Bacon,Catherine White

Status: Post Production

Plot: Mr. Hexenmeister has escaped from prison, and once again threatens Wickensburg. It's a race against time to find an ancient orb, capable of destroying the entire town, before it falls into the wrong hands.

Production companies

Cast Crew

    • Denise Richards

      Celine Lucas
    • Julian Richings

      Mr. Hexenmeister
    • Steve Byers

      Uncle Dave
    • Jensen Gering

      Elliot Lucas
    • Nathaniel Bacon

      Mr. Obarski
    • Catherine White

      Willow Darkwood
    • Shawn Storer (Production)

      Line Producer
    • Richard Boddington (Editing)

    • Stephen Chandler Whitehead (Camera)

      Director of Photography
    • Daniel Markworth (Art)

      Production Design
    • Dominik Svoboda (Sound)

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