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Entertainment Best Player (2011)

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Best Player
4.00 star(s)
4.00/5 1 Votes
Title: Best Player

Tagline: Do you have what it takes to be the best?

Genre: Comedy,Family,TV Movie

Director: Damon Santostefano

Cast: Jerry Trainor,Jennette McCurdy,Janet Varney,Jean-Luc Bilodeau,Amir Talai,Elfina Luk,Julia Maxwell,Gabrielle Rose,Karissa Tynes,Jesse Wheeler,Calum Worthy,Dan Joffre

Status: Released

Release: 2011-03-12

Runtime: 89

Plot: After his parents decide to move to a retirement home in Florida, professional gamer Quincy “Q” Johnson (Jerry Trainor) must find a way to raise 175,000 dollars to buy his family home. After hearing about a tournament for the game “Black Hole” with a grand prize of 175,500 dollars, Quincy enters the tournament, only to be faced with a new challenge. An equally skilled gamer, named Chris Saunders “Prodigy” (Jeanette McCurdy), has become the one block in Quincy’s plan, defeating him at every turn. Quincy then teams-up with his friend Wendell (Amir Talai), to try and find ways to stop Chris from entering the tournament.

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    • Jerry Trainor

      Quincy 'Q' Johnson
    • Jennette McCurdy

      Chris 'Prodigy' Saunders
    • Janet Varney

      Tracy Saunders
    • Jean-Luc Bilodeau

    • Amir Talai

    • Elfina Luk

      Mrs. Chen
    • Julia Maxwell

    • Gabrielle Rose

      Mrs. Johnson
    • Karissa Tynes

      Permission Slip Girl
    • Jesse Wheeler

    • Calum Worthy

    • Dan Joffre

      Mr. Ingleby
    • Tony Lombardo (Editing)

    • Damon Santostefano (Directing)

    • Jon Joffin (Camera)

      Director of Photography
    • Brett Armstrong (Crew)

      Stunt Double
    • Scott McAboy (Production)

    • Timothy Eulich (Crew)

    • Richard Amberg (Writing)

    • [HD] "Best Player" Official Trailer - New Nickelodeon Movie

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