1. Entertainment Wendell & Vinnie (2013)

    Title: Wendell & Vinnie
    Genre: Comedy,Family
    Creator: Jay Kogen
    First aired: Feb 15, 2013
    Show status: Canceled
  2. Entertainment The Loud House Movie 2

    Title: The Loud House Movie 2
    Genre: Animation
  3. Entertainment Untitled The Smurfs Musical (2025)

    Title: Untitled The Smurfs Musical
    Genre: Animation,Family,Fantasy
    Director: Chris Miller
  4. Entertainment Monster High (2022)

    Title: Monster High
    Genre: Animation,Family,Kids
    Creator: Shea Fontana
    First aired: Oct 5, 2022
    Show status: Returning Series
  5. Entertainment Zoey 102

    Title: Zoey 102
    Director: Nancy Hower
  6. Entertainment Snow Day (2022)

    Title: Snow Day
    Tagline: Freeze the day.
    Genre: TV Movie,Family,Comedy
    Director: Michael Lembeck
    Runtime: 77
  7. Entertainment Blue's Big City Adventure (2022)

    Title: Blue's Big City Adventure
    Tagline: All They Need is You.
    Genre: Family,Adventure,Music,Animation
    Director: Matt Stawski
  8. Entertainment Fantasy Football (2022)

    Title: Fantasy Football
    Tagline: Two can play this game.
    Genre: Comedy,Family
    Director: Anton Cropper
  9. Entertainment The Really Loud House (2022)

    Title: The Really Loud House
    Genre: Comedy
    Creator: Jonathan Judge
    First aired: Nov 3, 2022
    Show status: In Production
  10. Entertainment Saving Bikini Bottom: The Sandy Cheeks Movie

    Title: Saving Bikini Bottom: The Sandy Cheeks Movie
    Director: Liza Johnson
  11. Entertainment The Spongebob Movie 4 (2025)

    Title: The Spongebob Movie 4
    Genre: Comedy
  12. Entertainment Henry Danger Film

    Title: Henry Danger Film
  13. Entertainment Lucky (2019)

    Title: Lucky
    Genre: Animation,Adventure,Comedy,Family,Fantasy
    Director: Casey Leonard
    Runtime: 41
  14. Entertainment Monster High: The Movie (2022)

    Title: Monster High: The Movie
    Tagline: Skull’s in session.
    Genre: Adventure,Family,TV Movie
    Director: Todd Holland
    Runtime: 89
  15. Entertainment Secret Headquarters (2022)

    Title: Secret Headquarters
    Tagline: When the secret is out the adventure begins.
    Genre: Family,Science Fiction,Adventure
    Director: Henry Joost,Ariel Schulman
  16. Entertainment Lost In The West (2016)

    Title: Lost In The West
    Genre: Western,Sci-Fi & Fantasy,Comedy
    First aired: May 26, 2016
    Show status: Returning Series
  17. Entertainment Rock Island Mysteries (2022)

    Title: Rock Island Mysteries
    Genre: Comedy,Family,Mystery
    Creator: Matthew Cooke,Michael Ford,Vincent Lund
    First aired: May 1, 2022
    Show status: Returning Series
  18. Entertainment Warped! (2022)

    Title: Warped!
    Genre: Kids,Comedy,Family
    Creator: Heath Seifert,Kevin Kopelow
    First aired: Jan 19, 2022
    Show status: Ended
  19. Entertainment Garfield (2024)

    Title: Garfield
    Tagline: Animated feature film based on the popular comic strip about a sarcastic, lasagna-loving cat.
    Genre: Animation,Comedy,Family
    Director: Mark Dindal
  20. Entertainment The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder (2022)

    Title: The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder
    Genre: Family, Comedy
    Creator: Butch Hartman
    First aired: Mar 30, 2022
    Show status: Ended