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Entertainment Legendary Dudas (2016)

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Legendary Dudas
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Genre: Comedy

Director: Kevin Jakubowski

First aired:

Last air date:

Show status: Canceled

Overview: A mockumentary comedy about two brothers who are forced to co-exist in the same homeroom class.

Where to watch

Cast Crew

    • Theodore Barnes

      Total episodes: 6
    • Meyrick Murphy

      Total episodes: 6
    • Pearce Joza

      Total episodes: 6
    • Daniella Taylor

      Total episodes: 6
    • Megan Richie

      Total episodes: 6
    • DeVion Harris

      Total episodes: 6
    • Jackson A. Dunn

      Total episodes: 5
    • Davis Cleveland

      Total episodes: 1
    • Ariana Greenblatt

      Total episodes: 1
    • Ivan Mallon

      Total episodes: 1
    • Kevin Jakubowski (Writing)

    • Nate Federman (Writing)

    • Ben Pluimer (Directing)

    • David Wright (Writing)

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Legendary Dudas
King Sam/Karate Kids
Season: 1
Episode: 4
Air date: 2016-07-30

Guest stars: Jackson A. Dunn,Ariana Greenblatt
Sam impresses his classmates with an epic birthday party, but his extravagance leaves him unable to pay the bill; Tyler convinces Carter to revive their old martial arts act in hopes of earning a spot on a television talent show.