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Entertainment The Fairly OddParents: A New Wish (2024)

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The Fairly OddParents: A New Wish
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Genre: Animation,Sci-Fi & Fantasy,Kids

Director: Dan Abramovici,Ashleigh Crystal Hairston,Lindsay Katai,Dave Stone

First aired:

Last air date:

Show status: Returning Series

Overview: Ten-year-old Hazel Wells has just moved to the big city of Dimmadelphia because of her dad’s new job. On top of being in an unfamiliar environment, it’s the first time she’s been without her brother, Antony, who’s just left for college, leaving her lonely and unsure of herself. All that changes when the pink-and-green-haired neighbors next door reveal that they are no ordinary neighbors…they’re Cosmo and Wanda, fairy godparents! And they’re coming out of retirement to make all of Hazel’s wishes come true.

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    • Daran Norris

      Total episodes: 21
    • Carlos Alazraqui

      Total episodes: 21
    • Susanne Blakeslee

      Total episodes: 21
    • Marcus Montgomery

      Total episodes: 21
    • iris menas

      Total episodes: 21
    • Ashleigh Crystal Hairston

      Total episodes: 21
    • Merk Nguyen

      Total episodes: 21
    • Tyler Perry

      Total episodes: 16
    • Jaden Smith

      Total episodes: 16
    • Trey Smith

      Total episodes: 16
    • Jacob Tremblay

      Total episodes: 16
    • Jessica Alexander

      Total episodes: 16
    • Asante Jones

      Total episodes: 1
    • Neil Wade (Production)

    • Ashleigh Crystal Hairston (Writing)

    • Butch Hartman (Writing)

    • Dan Abramovici (Production)

    • Alec Schwimmer (Writing)

    • Lindsay Katai (Writing)

    • Dave Stone (Production)

    • Trevor Young (Visual Effects)

    • Fred Seibert (Production)

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