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Entertainment Doggie Boogie - Get Your Grrr On! (2012)

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Doggie Boogie - Get Your Grrr On!
4.00 star(s)
4.00/5 1 Votes
Title: Doggie Boogie - Get Your Grrr On!

Tagline: Get Your Grrr On!!

Genre: Family

Director: Romanus Wolter

Cast: Jesse Draper,Bettina Devin,Jane Wiedlin,Patrick Alan Davis,Scott Cox,Barbara Tintori,Erica Gerard,Constance Hasapopoulos,Judith Sims,Keith Myer,Chris Marsol,Daniel Will-Harris

Status: Released

Release: 2012-08-31

Runtime: 87

Plot: A devoted Bichon pup helps his teenage owner and her dog-dancing uncle unleash their potential.

Where to watch

Cast Crew

    • Jesse Draper

      Cassie Barbizon
    • Bettina Devin

      Gertrude Spinner
    • Jane Wiedlin

    • Patrick Alan Davis

      Roman Spinner
    • Scott Cox

      Peter Wolfe
    • Barbara Tintori

      Karen Barbizon
    • Erica Gerard

    • Constance Hasapopoulos

    • Judith Sims

      Kia Tuel
    • Keith Myer

      Mortgage Man
    • Chris Marsol

    • Daniel Will-Harris

      Dr. Loren
    • Romanus Wolter (Writing)

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